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How To Sell More Books In A Month Than You Ever Have In A Year With Facebook Ads… Even If You’ve Never Run Ads Before


Building A Six-Figure Author Business Writing One Book Per Year

My wife Lori writes one book per year and earns six figures in annual royalties.

She writes for 3-4 hours each day, 4 days per week. And we spend precious time together as a family every single day.

A lot of Lori’s success (which is subjective, I know), comes down to taking the time to research and write captivating books that readers fall in love with.

But some of that success is also a result of the Facebook Ads I run advertising the books.

And I’d love the opportunity to show YOU how I use Facebook Ads to drive over $10,000 per month in book sales.


From $133 Per Month To $17,000+ Per Month

I’m not going to lie to you; I was terrified.

I started a thriving video production business in 2010 and in April 2020 it came crashing down due to the global pandemic.

Our first children were due to be born in June of 2020 (twin boys) and we had no income to support them.

But looking back, this gave my wife Lori and I the opportunity to build a business we never thought possible. 

My wife started writing her first original story back in 2010 but had never plucked up the courage to publish it.

In 2017 her book deal fell through 6 months after signing the contract.

We were both devastated.

What should we do next?

Approach more agents or try this self-publishing thing we'd heard about?

Lori took a hiatus for 3 years, regrouped, rebranded and in 2020 we went all-in on self-publishing.

With my video production business in tatters, I had time on my hands.

And with that time I sat down and figured out how to advertise Lori's books with Facebook Ads.

We began by spending $10 per day on Facebook Ads but to be honest I was throwing spaghetti at the wall.

I had no clue what I was doing.

There was no strategy.

There was no system.

There was no direction.

It was just chaos.

But… the Ads were selling books, so we knew we were onto something.

In April 2020, we made $133.

6 months later (October 2020), Books 1 and 2 of the series were published, plus a companion novel that only sells a handful of copies each month. 

We were up to $3,000 in royalties and our Facebook Ads spend was $1,400 for the month.

12 months after that (October 2021) we hit our first $10,000 month with Books 1-3 of the series published (and $4,500 in Facebook Ads spend).

A year later when all 4 books in the series were published, royalties were up to $15,000 per month, with $7,000 in Facebook Ads spend.

By July of 2023 we're just over $17,000 in royalties, with around $8,000 in Facebook Ads spend.

I don't share these figures to brag; not in the slightest.

I share them to show you what is possible.

I also share these figures to be completely open and transparent and to prove to you that you don't need to be on the book hamster wheel churning out books every month to earn a full-time income as an author.

Publishing one book per year is enough for a six-figure income.

Building A Business Around Family Life (Not The Other Way Around) 

Lori writes for 3-4 hours per day. I work on the Facebook Ads for 1-2 hours per week, and 15-30 minutes each day on other business tasks.

We spend quality with our 3 children every single day, put them to bed at night, have ultimate time and location freedom, and as a couple, we work together and live together.

And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

We've intentionally built the business around our family. 

In the beginning, though, we built our family life around the business; this was the completely wrong way around, and we soon changed it. 

Self-publishing has changed our lives.

But none of it would have been possible had I not figured out Facebook Ads.

The lifestyle we live today is something we could have only dreamed about in 2020.

But trust me, I know what it’s like to struggle.

I know how frustrating it is when Ads don’t work, when you don’t sell books, when you have a bad day, a bad month.

I’ve been through that pain.

I know running Facebook Ads is hard, I know it can be daunting and completely and utterly overwhelming.

But I also know I can help you achieve results from Facebook Ads you didn’t know were possible.

What Truly Moves The Needle With Facebook Ads?

I’m in the game of Facebook Ads every single week.

Yes, I’ve figured out a system that works for me.

But it also works for over 1,400 other authors, too.

With this system you won't be messing around with all the bells and whistles on offer inside Facebook Ads.

Sure, they can work, but they have such a minor impact on your results, that they’re honestly not worth wasting your time on.

I'll show you how to focus on what truly moves the needle.

You'll finally understand what turns people from doom-scrolling on their Facebook or Instagram feeds into paying readers.

And not just any readers, but readers who will love your books and become life-long fans of your work.

What truly moves the needle, I hear you ask…

It’s the Ad Creative itself.

The image, the video, and the text, as you can see below with just a handful of the Ads I've created for Lori's books.

That is what will make or break your success with Facebook Ads.

You'll learn how to take full advantage of Facebook's machine learning, its AI and its algorithm.

You need to get out of Facebook's way so that it can find the best audience for the books you're advertising.

Traditional advice when it comes to running Facebook Ads is to try and control every little aspect of what Facebook is doing for us as advertisers.

I believe this to be completely counter-intuitive.

I’ve been down this road and what I discovered is that placing too many restrictions on the algorithm throttles your results and increases costs.

Crafting successful Ads is about truly understanding your ideal readers and what their desires are.

Once you know this, crafting Ads that actually sell books (and not just achieve cheap clicks) becomes 100x easier.

And that’s what I’d like to show you how to do.


What's Wrong With The Traditional Way of Running Facebook Ads?

Many Facebook Ads strategies are outdated.

Maybe you’ve tried some of them…

You saw good results initially but then performance starts to drop.

You’re launching new Ads every few days, just in the hope that one of them sticks.

You’re frustrated (and quite rightly, scared) of seeing your money disappear down the drain with nothing to show for it.

If you want to craft Ads that last for months, rather than days.

If you want control and confidence in running Ads on your own.

If you want a simple, clear and effective strategy to follow.

If you want to finally be profitable with your Ads.

If you want to spend more time writing, being with your family, and enjoying your passions and hobbies outside of your author business…

You need a better way to run Facebook Ads.

If any of the above resonates with you, you’re in good company.

Over the past few years I’ve worked with and spoken to many authors who have the same desires and frustrations with Facebook Ads.

Like you, they want to grow their author business profitably and sustainably.

But they’ve been disappointed with the results despite seemingly trying everything.

Running Facebook Ads is simple but it’s not easy.

If it were easy you wouldn’t be reading this now.

The new wave of Facebook Ads with its AI and machine-learning capabilities is just getting started.

All you're missing is a clear and proven strategy to follow.

Many authors think you need to be an expert advertiser to run Facebook Ads.

This is absolutely not true.

Running Facebook Ads isn’t about clever or catchy copywriting.

Direct response style Ads whilst they can work could also be the reason why your Ads aren’t working in the first place.

They look like Ads!

Crafting Facebook Ads that drive book sales is about one thing, and one thing only…

Connecting on an emotional level with your ideal readers and speaking to their desires.

That’s it.

Doesn’t need to be any more complicated than that.

Successful Facebook Ads are about connecting on a human-to-human level.

And this is where I’d like to help…

Introducing Facebook Ads Mastery For Authors

Facebook Ads Mastery For Authors is a self-paced video course with one goal:

To increase your book sales to a place where you can comfortably and sustainably become a full-time author.

I’ve structured this course for busy authors meaning it's fluff-free, highly actionable and follows a simple system to get your Facebook Ads launched, optimized and scaled as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

I'm not going to bombard you with 20-30 hours of content either.

You can watch the entire course in less than 4 hours. 

It's a simple strategy that takes just 1-2 hours per week to implement leaving you more time to write. 

How do I know this? 

I'm using this exact strategy myself. 

Here’s how it works:


The Fundamentals

Get your Ad Account set up, understand which books to advertise (and why) and learn how Facebook Ads really works.


The Strategy

I’ll share my exact Facebook Ads Strategy with you; it’s an entire blueprint you can replicate in your Facebook Ads Account.


Crafting Your Ads

Your Ads are the #1 reason for success or failure. I’ll show you examples of our winning Ads, how I plan Ads, and more.


Launching Your Ads

Follow along, step-by-step Watch over my shoulder as we launch your first (or next) Facebook Ads. Whether you’re selling books on retailers, or your own store, I’ll show you exactly how I do it.


Managing Your Ads

It’s critical you understand how to manage your Ads. What benchmarks should you aim for? When do you turn off an Ad? Should you scale? How do you reduce wasted Ad spend? We'll cover it all.

I’ll show you all of this and more, inside the course.

It’s a full end-to-end system for launching and managing your Facebook Ads as an author.

This isn’t a course on Facebook Ads for anyone who wants to run Ads. This course is entirely focused on how to use Facebook Ads to advertise books.

It goes beyond the basics of how to run Facebook Ads. 

What makes Facebook Ads Mastery For Authors different is that I focus on marketing fundamentals, which will separate your Ads from the noise. 

Just Starting Your Facebook Ads Journey?

I've got you covered. Before we even get into running Ads, it's critical you understand how the platform works. So, I'll show you.

Once you understand all the fundamentals and you've got your Ads up and running, we'll move into the more advanced content to help take things to a whole new level.

Already Well Seasoned With Facebook Ads?

If you've been running Facebook Ads for some time now, whether that's 6 months or 6 years, and feel there's nothing more for you to learn, I'm confident you'll walk away from this course with insights and ideas you've never come across before.

Sure, you can skip over lessons that aren't relevant to you, but there are some key takeaways and lessons I believe will transform your results. 

Don't Run Facebook Ads Like It's 2021

I'm in the game of Facebook Ads myself, advertising books, and keeping up to speed with the latest changes and updates that are consistently being rolled out by Facebook. 

Keeping this course up to date is as important to me as it is to you. 

There is zero reason for you to invest in a course that is 12 months out of date. And there's zero reason for me to sell a course that is 12 months out of date.

Anytime there is an update, or I learn something new, I'll share it with you in the course.

Is This Right For You?

I don't want to waste your time on this page, so if any of the below resonates with you, stick around:


> You have at least 3 fiction books self-published and $10 - $20 (or more) to spend on Ads

> Your books are exclusive to Amazon or on other retailers

> You’ve had enough of jumping from strategy to strategy with no clear plan of action

> You’re ready to follow a simple strategy proven to work for authors

> You want to build confidence running Facebook Ads yourself and understand how they work

> You’re yet to see substantial profits or revenue in your author business

> You’re frustrated with previous attempts at Facebook Ads despite investing in other courses

> You're already getting good results from Facebook Ads but you're struggling to scale

> You don't want to spend more than 1-2 hours per week on running your Facebook Ads

Any of this sound familiar? Great, looks like I can help...

It's Worked For These Authors

Here are just a handful of authors who have experienced business-changing results from taking Facebook Ads Mastery For Authors after implementing what I share inside. 


"I went from very modest sales the first year to well over six figures for the first time ever."

JK Franks, Speculative/Post-Apocalyptic Author (The Catalyst Series)


"In less than a year, I've sold more than 3,000 copies."

D. Liebhart, Contemporary Fiction Author (House on Fire)


"Transformed my business"

Adrian Cousins, Time Travel Author (The Jason Apsley Series)


"Matt's course is beyond fantastic"

Dharma Kelleher, Crime Thriller Author (Jinx Ballou Bounty Hunter Series)


"Doubling my income"

J.D.L. Rosell, Epic Fantasy Author (Legend of Tal)

Your Invitation

If you’ve taken courses in the past like I have that leave you feeling underwhelmed and more confused than when you started…

You may be hesitant to join (yet) another course.

Maybe you've tried Facebook Ads in the past and declared "Facebook Ads don't work for my books."

But Facebook Ads Mastery For Authors is different.

For starters, more than 1,500 authors are already in the course.

There have been countless authors who have transformed their careers because of this course.

It's highly actionable from start to end.

Every lesson is bite-sized and focused on one specific outcome helping you get your Facebook Ads launched, optimized and scaled quickly and efficiently.

And my strategy won’t require you to spend hours every day running your Ads.

I spend 1-2 hours per week running the Facebook Ads for Lori’s books. And that 1-2 hours per week is responsible for six figures in annual royalties.

If you're looking for a clear, focused, step-by-step roadmap to launching, optimizing and scaling Facebook Ads for your books, this course is for you.


A Single Payment Today

Full Video Course (as detailed above)

BONUS #1: Members-Only Facebook Group
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Spread Payments Over 5 Months

Full Video Course (as detailed above)

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What Happens Next?

The buttons above take you to a checkout page. Once you've completed your details you'll receive immediate access to the course and can start learning.

I'm also including a few additional bonuses to help you on your Facebook Ads journey:


Peer-To-Peer Facebook Group

$500 (Yours For $0)

Included with your investment is access to a private, members-only Facebook Group.

Inside, you'll be able to ask questions, ask for feedback on your Ads, share your own insights, results and experiences, and more. It's a community that is here to help you with your Facebook Ads.

You'll receive an invitation to join the group as soon as you sign up.


The Facebook Ads Toolkit For Authors

$250 (Yours For $0)

From the outside, there are a lot of moving parts with Facebook Ads, and it can certainly cause a lot of overwhelm; I know it did for me.

Which is why I created the Facebook Ads Toolkit For Authors.

It allows me to keep tabs on exactly what is and isn’t working with my Facebook Ads, so that I can make more informed decisions that impact the bottom line of our author business.

The Facebook Ads Toolkit is a comprehensive Notion tool to keep everything related to your Facebook Ads organized.


You're Still Here...

Looks like you've stuck around to the end of the page.

So, either you're like me and do your due-diligence before investing in a course like this, or you're just not sure if this course is for you.

I'm not going be a pushy salesman here, that’s not my style; you'll know in your gut if this course feels like a smart move, a smart investment in your author business.

If it doesn’t feel like a smart move, if it’s not a “Heck, Yes, I’m in”, perhaps it's just not the right time for you.

And that's ok.

I've invested over $15,000 in coaches, courses and mentors to help me get as far as we have with Lori's Facebook Ads. Not to mention the costly mistakes we've made with the Ads and the rigorous testing I've done over the years.

I'd love the opportunity to help you avoid all these mistakes.

To be perfectly honest, I wish I had this course when we were just getting started running Facebook Ads back in 2020.

So if you do decide to join me, I would truly be honored.

If not, no worries. Please continue to enjoy my free content.

Thank you so much for reading.

To Your Success


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