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12 Million Books

Aug 20, 2022


It's Saturday once again, so I hope you are looking forward to your weekend.

As I"m sure you know, there are a LOT of books on Amazon. In the Kindle Store alone, there are estimated to be 12 million titles (and that number is growing every single day - every single hour, in-fact).

And there's paperback and hardback books on top of that 12 million.

So, it's no longer in question that Amazon is now very much a pay to play platform for self-published authors. With that many books available to readers, relying 100% on organic sales just isn't a strategy any more.

To achieve that coveted organic visibility on Amazon in today's marketplace, you need to advertise, you need to invest.

That doesn't necessarily need to be with Amazon Ads, it could be Facebook Ads or BookBub Ads, TikTok Ads, Pinterest Ads, etc. Or it could be all of the above, if you have the resources to do so - although, I wouldn't recommend that from Day 1 as you'll just spread yourself too thin.

All these platforms, however, if not already, will move towards becoming pay to play; that's how they will generate the bulk of their revenue.

I mentioned this a few days ago in an email, but I'll say it again... you need to see advertising as an investment, not an expense. Adopt that mindset and you'll find advertising a much more rewarding, and dare I say, enjoyable, experience.

With that mindset, you will be much more incentivized to invest in the collection of data that you can use to test, scale and reach more readers.

With Amazon Ads, you can harness the power of their incredible algorithm with something as simple as an Automatic Targeting campaign. Yes, you pay for the privilege, but it's worth every penny, every cent, every dime, as you'll benefit from:

- Insights into how readers find your books
- The sales and page reads you generate directly from the Ads
- The boost in your best sellers ranking
- The growth of organic sales and page reads
- The breadth of readers you can reach through enhanced visibility
- Discover proven keywords that can be scaled up to reach even more readers

It's one big flywheel effect - more sales, better rank, more visibility, more sales, and repeat.

And that's just one Automatic Targeting campaign. There's so much more you can do with Amazon Ads, so many different ways to use them to grow your readership, brand and ultimately, royalties.

To wrap up, the added benefit of Amazon Ads is that they operate inside their own ecosystem. You aren't at the whim of a tool such as Facebook Ads, that, back in 2021, had their Ads platform completely jeopardised by one simple update from Apple.

Yes, Amazon Ads changes their algorithm from time to time, but if you work with it rather than against it, the benefits are huge.

Have an amazing day.

To Your Success
- Matt

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Join 2,300+ authors receiving The Saturday Self Published Author. Every Saturday morning, you’ll get 1 actionable marketing tip to help you reach more readers and sell more books.