400,000 impressions and no sales?


Sometimes, your Amazon Ads campaigns can have a sudden spike in impressions, which, as I mentioned a few days ago in a previous edition of The Morning ACOS, can be because Amazon decides to target a free book.

Other times though, it can be a paid book that an Automatic or Category Targeting campaign starts favoring.

Today, I want to show you an example of this that I discovered yesterday when optimizing a client account.

Dive deeper into a campaign to figure out what's really happening in there...

Looking at the high-level metrics of your account is ok for a quick check-in on your campaigns, but when it comes to optimization, you really need to dive into the targeting level to see what's really happening.

Yesterday, I spotted a very high number of impressions on one specific campaign in a client account I was working on; over 400,000 impressions in September alone.

That's a lot of impressions and immediately caught my attention. So, I dove deeper.

And here's what I found:


As you can see, 2 ASINs this campaign had decided to target were sucking up 99% of the impressions (404,339 impressions to be precise).

And yet, they hadn't generated any sales or page reads, despite receiving 22 clicks between them.

The other column that drew my attention was the CTR (Click-Through-Rate) column.

The first ASIN had a CTR of 0.00% and the second, 0.01%. Both of these were well below my cut-off of 0.10%.

So, I immediately added both ASINs as a negative target to this campaign to allow Amazon to go out and find more (and better) ASINs to target.

Having looked at these particular ASINs on Amazon, the reason this campaign picked up on them all of a sudden was because of 2 reasons:

1. They were relevant to the book I was advertising
2. They were ranked in the Top 50 on (one was at #17 in the Kindle Store)

Both books were on pre-order, but their publishers had just started a big push to drive pre-orders - and it's working for them!

This is why the book I was advertising suddenly sucked up over 400,000 impressions in less than 7 days between these 2 ASINs!

I could have looked at the high-level metrics of this campaign and turned it off because it wasn't performing well.

When I dove deeper though, I discovered it was just 2 ASINs causing the overall poor performance of the campaign.

And there you have it... this is why, when optimizing, you always dive deeper.

To Your Success
- Matt

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