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Yesterday evening, I was a one-man-flat-pack machine, building 2 pieces of Ikea furniture!

However, just at the crucial moment, moving one of the brand new chest of drawers into position, I put my knee through the front of it! Whoops!

Anyway, flat-pack furniture woes aside, today, I'd like to talk about search volume.

In-particular, the monthly search volume of keywords you target in your Amazon Ads campaigns.

Keyword targeting is a fantastic way to drive visibility of your books with Amazon Ads, but it can take a LOT of testing to find, not only keywords that convert, but also keywords that have enough search volume (i.e. traffic), to allow you to collect data in a reasonable time period.

You don't want to be waiting 6 months before you collect enough data to make a decision on a specific keyword you're testing.

If a keyword has less than 100 searches per month, realistically, it's going to take far too long to gather data on that keyword.

This is why I prefer targeting keywords with at least 500+ searches per month.

With that sort of traffic, I'll be able to see within the span of 2-4 weeks, if it's a keyword that will work for the book I'm advertising.

If it is, great, I'll scale it up. If it isn't, I want to know as soon as possible, forget about it and move on.

As I mentioned in a recent edition of The Morning ACOS, I like to see 10-15 clicks on a keyword (or ASIN) before deciding whether it's worth pursuing or not.

If a keyword is getting less than 100 searches per month, to collect 10-15 clicks is going to take far too long.

With a keyword that has 500+ searches per month, generating 10-15 clicks on it is going to be much quicker.

So, the question then becomes, how do you find out the monthly search volume of keywords?

Personally, I use a tool called Publisher Rocket*, from Dave Chesson and his team over at Kindlepreneur.

On top of the monthly search volume for keywords, Publisher Rocket also allows you to:

- Find lots of keyword ideas
- See the daily and monthly sales numbers of other books
- Discover categories to list your book in (and target with your Amazon Ads)
- Find ASINs you can target with your Amazon Ads
- See which categories other books in your genre are listed in
- And so much more

Currently, I don't know of a free method to finding the monthly search volume of keywords on Amazon - if you know of one, please do let me know.

So, next time you're researching keywords for your Amazon Ads, make sure they are relevant to your advertised book, without a doubt, but also, make sure there is enough search volume for them too.

To Your Success
- Matt

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