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A New Approach To Amazon Attribution

Dec 10, 2022



Amazon Attribution has allowed authors to finally track the conversions (i.e. sales and page reads) generated from their off-Amazon advertising and marketing.

If you need some help in understanding the ins and outs of Amazon Attribution and how to set everything up, I've created a video that walks you through it all here.

Most authors are using Amazon Attribution to track the performance of their Facebook Ads, but there are plenty of other opportunities to use these powerful little tracking links, such as:

– BookBub Ads

– Email Marketing

– Inside Your Books (linking to your other books)

When I first started using Amazon Attribution back in October, I initially just included the Kindle books from a specific series in each Amazon Attribution Campaign.

This approach allowed me to see how many of the Kindle books were being sold/borrowed across the series, even if I were just advertising Book 1.

A New Approach To Amazon Attribution

However, over the past few weeks, I've come to realise that I was missing out on a LOT of data and I've gone one step further.

I now include the Kindle books AND the Paperback books in the same Amazon Attribution Campaign, even if I'm only advertising the Kindle version of Book 1 with Facebook Ads, for example.

As you can see in the screenshot below, I have 11 books inside this ONE Amazon Attribution Campaign:

– 6 x Kindle Books (1 of them is on Pre-Order)

– 5 x Paperback Books

As well as seeing how many Kindle books have been sold/borrowed across the series, this new approach also allows me to see how many Paperback books have been sold, even if someone clicks on a Facebook Ad advertising any of the Kindle books.

You could take it another step further too...

If your books are available in Hardback, include the Hardback versions of your books in the same Amazon Attribution Campaign as the Kindle and Paperback books.

The 14 Day Attribution Window

Just remember that there is only a 14 day attribution window with Amazon Attribution.

This means that as soon as someone clicks your Amazon Attribution link (in a Facebook Ad, for example), the 14 day countdown has started. If they buy or borrow one or more of your books in that 14 day window, those sales and page reads will be attributed to that Amazon Attribution link.

The Data Lag

Also, keep in mind that there is a definite lag in the data being shown in your Amazon Attribution dashboard.

Personally, I'm seeing it take 24-36 hours for the data to stabilize, sometimes more.

And page reads often lag even longer because they are only attributed to the Amazon Attribution links when people actually start reading your books as part of their Kindle Unlimited subscription.

Wrapping Up...

All in all, in order for you to see 'the full picture' of how any of your off-Amazon advertising or marketing is performing, I highly recommend adding multiple formats (i.e. Kindle, Paperback, Hardback) of the same books into each Amazon Attribution Campaign.

The data you'll uncover will be eye-opening and you'll have an even better glimpse into the behaviour of your readers.

To Your Success

– Matt

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