A Refined Category Targeting Blueprint


Yesterday, I talked about Category and Automatic Targeting campaigns wasting money targeting free books, even if you're advertising a paid book.

As I mentioned, it's not possible to prevent this with Automatic Targeting campaigns, but it is possible with Category Targeting campaigns, and today, I'm going to show you how.

Here's the step-by-step...

Step 1
Create a new Sponsored Products campaign and choose the book(s) you'd like to advertise.

Step 2
Choose the Manual Targeting option

Step 3
Choose Product Targeting (not Keyword Targeting)

Step 4
Find ONE category you'd like to target and instead of clicking Add next to this category, click Refine (as pictured below).

Step 5

When the refine category box appears, add 0.01 as the minimum price range, as you can see from the example below, and then click the Add button.

What you've done here is told Amazon that you only want to target books in this selected category that are priced $0.01 and above, therefore, eliminating any books in this category that are $0.00 (free).

You'll find that the number of books targeted with this price filter in place, does quite drastically reduce for most categories.

This isn't a problem though because when you're advertising a paid book, targeting free books is, in most instances, a waste of money.

And there are other ways you can refine categories, for example:

- Only target books that have an overall rating of 0-3 stars
- Only target books that are above $0.99
- Only target books that are free
- Only target books that are below $4.99, but above $0.99
- Only target books that are priced between $0.99 and $3.99 AND have an overall star rating of 0-4 stars

As you can see, refined category targeting can be extremely helpful in ensuring you are targeting a very specific group of readers who read books in a particular genre.

So, test out the refine option and see if you can improve your category targeting campaigns; particularly if you're advertising a paid book and seeing your current campaigns waste money targeting free books.

To your Success
- Matt

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