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Ads Not Working? All Is Not Lost

Nov 23, 2022



When you send a potential reader to your books on Amazon, through Facebook Ads, Amazon Ads or any other form of marketing or advertising, and they don't buy (or borrow) that specific book at that time, believe it or not, all is not lost.

Providing that the potential reader is logged into their Amazon account when they're looking at your book, Amazon themselves may just email them and give them a gentle little nudge about your book.

These emails can also contain other books by similar authors. If you write in a series, Amazon may include multiple books from your series in these emails too.


On top of this, your book may be recommended to readers who haven't actually looked at your book before but have looked at books similar to yours.

Amazon can see some sort of resemblance between your book and another book that this potential reader has looked at and believes this potential reader may enjoy your book too.

This is another way Amazon will help to sell your books.

For these latter emails though, Amazon is typically only going to recommend your book if it's got some good sales history and a strong conversion rate.

They won't email potential readers if there is little evidence that your book sells well.


Amazon sends out millions of these emails every single day and it's a fantastic way to drive more sales and borrows of your books.

It's unfortunate that we don't know how many sales and borrows of our books come directly from these emails Amazon sends.

However, as an example, with my wife's books, what we do know now (thanks to Amazon Attribution and the Amazon Ads tracking), is that around 20% - 30% of our sales come from Facebook Ads and Amazon Ads.

The remaining 70% of sales and borrows are organic. These can be from sources such as:

– Amazon Emails

– Also Bought/Also Viewed

– Search Results (organic)

To achieve this number of organic sales, however, you need the Ads to keep the momentum up, reach new readers, build up your sales history, etc.

So, if your Amazon Ads or Facebook Ads aren't "working", all is not lost. Amazon may still pull these emails out of its bag of tricks.

Whilst these sales and borrows from Amazon's emails won't be attributable to your Ads, there's a near 100% chance that these emails won't be sent at all if you're not reaching new readers through advertising.

In order to show Amazon that you're worthy of them sending emails to potential readers, you need to drive traffic to your books. The best and quickest way to do that is through Ads.

And that's what I've got for you today.

I hope this has given you some food for thought and also some hope that your Ads can still be driving (in-direct) sales and borrows through Amazon's own internal marketing systems.


To Your Success

– Matt


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