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Amazon Ads Flywheel

Aug 27, 2022


Welcome to the weekend!

It's a bank holiday weekend here in the UK, but with 3 babies to look after, it doesn't feel like much of a holiday! Parenthood, I'm finding is challenging, without a doubt, but utterly rewarding at the same time.

Now, the beautiful thing about Amazon is the more sales and borrows of your books you generate, the better your bestseller rank becomes and, because of that, the more visibility your book receives and therefore, the more organic sales and borrows your books generate.

Bringing Amazon Ads into the mix then, the better your Ads convert, the more exposure Amazon will give your Ads (because they want to show readers books that convert), resulting in more sales, higher ranking and as a result, even more sales and borrows, both from the Ads and from the organic side of Amazon, due to the enhanced visibility.

And this cycle keeps repeating itself again and again and again.

I call this the Amazon Ads Flywheel Effect.

So, for every sale or borrow that comes not only from your Amazon Ads, but also from organic means, you are going to see better and better performance in your Ads and even more so on the organic side of things. It's a virtuous circle.

If you have multiple books published, you should also start to see an increase in sales and borrows of other books in your series' and/or catalog as readers start to read their way through your books.

Typically, I see around 10%-20% of total sales and page reads coming Amazon Ads (sometimes up to 30%).

This doesn't sound much, but when you consider the impact those sales and borrows have had on your bestseller rank, without them, you wouldn't have achieved the bestseller rank you have and therefore, as a direct result of that improved bestseller rank, you wouldn't have generated those organic sales and borrows either.

This is why I, almost on a weekly basis, sometimes more, talk about big picture thinking on The Morning ACOS.

Your Amazon Ads are just one small part of a much larger pie. Looking at them inside a vacuum will be severely limiting your true understanding of the impact they are actually having on your overall performance (i.e. Total Orders, Total Page Reads, Total Royalties).

Once your Ads are generating consistent sales, when you're ready to scale up, you'll not only see an increase in your Amazon Ads sales and page reads, but also, your total sales and page reads because your organic performance will scale up too.

So, next time you're analyzing your Amazon Ads, remember, you need to look at the bigger picture. Get that flywheel moving and you're off to the races.

Have an amazing day.

To Your Success
- Matt

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Join 2,300+ authors receiving The Saturday Self Published Author. Every Saturday morning, you’ll get 1 actionable marketing tip to help you reach more readers and sell more books.