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An ASIN Targeting Blueprint

Jul 29, 2022


So, JJ and mummy are finally home and we had our first night with a newborn in the house again last night; needless to say, we didn't get too much sleep! But definitely a better first night than we had with the twins when they were born!

As promised then, here's the exact ASIN targeting campaign blueprint I use when setting up ASIN targeting campaigns for clients...

Now, small disclaimer... there are multiple different types of ASIN targeting campaigns you can run, such as, choosing relevant ASINs from:

- Top 100 in Kindle Store
- Top 100 in a category your advertised book is listed in
- ASINs of your comp authors
- ASINs that appear in the search results when you search for a search term related to your advertised book
- ASINs of books in your Also-Boughts
- The list goes on...

The fundamentals, however, remain the same:

- Choose ASINs that are ranked well (ideally, Top 10,000 - 20,000 in the Kindle/Books Store) to make sure you're targeting books that receive a lot of traffic to their product pages
- Make sure every ASIN is relevant to the book you're advertising
- Keep the number of ASINs in your campaign to 10-15 maximum to make sure each one receives enough budget to prove itself

For this blueprint, I'm going to use the ASINs of a comp author, as I've seen these work best for most accounts I manage.

Let's dive into it...

Step 1: Go to the Amazon Author Page of one of your comp authors

Step 2: Collect the book title, author name, series title and ASIN of each book of theirs in your Amazon Ads Targeting Tool (download here if you haven't downloaded it yet)

Step 3: Setup a new sponsored products campaign advertising Book 1 of your series (or a standalone book) using the Product Targeting option and then choose Individual Products as opposed to Categories.

N.B. If you see a 'Filter by' option in the Individual Products section, choose 'EXACT' rather than 'EXPANDED'

Step 4: Add each ASIN you've collected of this comp author into the text box in your campaign setup.

Step 5: Use a starting bid of around $0.60; yes, this may sound expensive, but ASIN targeting is one of, if not, the, most expensive targeting option with Amazon Ads.

Step 6: Choose your bidding strategy: Fixed Bids if you're less risk averse, Dynamic Bids Down Only if you're more risk averse.

Step 7: Set your budget to $10-$20 per day and launch your campaign

Step 8: Let the campaign run for at least 2 weeks, then optimize accordingly.

You may find that even with bids of around $0.60 that you're not getting traction, in which case, you'll need to either increase your bids, or, if you're using Dynamic Bids Down Only, switch to Fixed Bids to see if that starts generating some impressions and clicks.

Tomorrow, I'll be sharing my blueprint for launching a Category targeting campaign, which will allow you to cast a wide net with your targeting and find some real gems that you can scale up.

Until then though...

To Your Success
- Matt

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