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Fixing Your Low Impression Amazon Ads

Sep 22, 2022



If you want to make sales from your Amazon Ads, you need clicks. But to get clicks, you need impressions.

Not generating impressions on your Amazon Ads? Then you're not going to get the clicks (i.e. eyeballs on your books) and therefore, you're not going to get the sales.

So, in today's edition of The Morning ACOS, I'm going to share 4 ways you can start generating more impressions on your Amazon Ads.

Tip #1: Use Broad Match Keywords

There are 3 Keyword Match Types within Amazon Ads:

- Broad Match
- Phrase Match
- Exact Match

Phrase Match and Exact Match generally convert best, but they also tend to generate fewer impressions and clicks.

Broad Match, on the other hand, doesn't always convert as well as Phrase and Exact Match, but it does generate more impressions and therefore clicks.

ACTION STEP: Take all the keywords you're targeting in Phrase Match and/or Exact Match, then create a new campaign targeting those precise keywords using the Broad Match Type instead.

Tip #2: Change Your Bidding Strategy

You can choose from 3 bidding strategies when launching or optimizing your Amazon Ads campaigns:

- Dynamic Bids Down Only
- Dynamic Bids up and Down
- Fixed Bids

Dynamic Bids Down Only is the safest option, because Amazon will automatically reduce your bids if it deems that a click on your Ad is unlikely to result in a sale.

However, this bidding strategy can also result in very few impressions and clicks, particularly if you haven't been making many sales of your books over the past few weeks and months.

ACTION STEP: To avoid Amazon messing with your bids, and force your full bid into the auction, switch your bidding strategy to Fixed Bids for 1-2 weeks.

This will allow you to gather some data (importantly, impressions and clicks), optimize your campaign, then switch your bidding strategy back to Dynamic Bids Down Only (unless it's performing so well with Fixed Bids you don't want to change it!).

Fixed Bids will spend your money much more aggressively than the other bidding strategies, which is why I recommend leaving it on for just 1-2 weeks. I also suggest checking on your stats every single day to make sure the spend isn't going too wild.

Tip #3: Increase Your Bids

Amazon Ads is an auction. If you're not bidding high enough, you're not competitive enough and Amazon will either ignore you altogether, or push you so far down the food chain, that you'll barely generate any impressions, let alone clicks or sales.

This is easily solved by being more competitive in the auction.

ACTION STEP: Increase your bids so that they are at least within the Suggested Bid Range. If that still isn't high enough, increase them even more so that they are just above the Suggested Bid itself.

Tip #4: Check Your Relevance

If none of the above 3 tips result in more impressions, then 99.9% of the time, it's going to be a relevance issue,

Relevance is King with Amazon Ads. Yes, your bid certainly plays a big role, but Amazon wants to deliver the best possible shopping experience to its customers, as well as making money for itself and its authors.

It does this by showing only the most RELEVANT books that are bidding competitively and are relevant to what the customer is looking for.

ACTION STEP: Make sure every single target is hyper-relevant to your advertised books(s). You can do this up-front when deciding on which keywords, ASINs and categories to target. However, you can also do this once campaigns have gathered some data by using negative targeting and eliminating any irrelevant targets from your campaigns (this applies to Automatic and Category Targeting campaigns too).

And that's it for today!

TL;DR: Increase Your Impressions

Tip #1: Use Broad Match Keywords
Tip #2: Change Your Bidding Strategy
Tip #3: Increase Your Bids
Tip #4: Check Your Relevance

With more impressions, you'll generate more clicks and if your book product page is well optimized, you'll start selling more books, because there's more eyeballs on them.

To Your Success
- Matt


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