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Higher Facebook Ads Budgets Need More Ad Creative

Dec 17, 2022



It goes without saying that the more money you spend on Facebook Ads, the more people are going to see your Ads.

Along with that, you will also find that the same people will be seeing your Ads more regularly.

Which means, to keep costs low and engagement (and conversions) high, you need to be refreshing your Ad Creative more regularly.

People become numb to what you're advertising if they're seeing your Ads too often.

Audiences on Facebook are huge, yes, but that doesn't mean that Facebook will show your Ads to all of the people within your target audience, no matter your budget; it's going to show your Ads to a select few that resonate with your Ads and find more people like them.

And folks will start seeing your Ads more than once.

How To Know When It's Time To Refresh Your Ad Creative

There are a couple of ways to know when it's time:

#1: When you start seeing a decline in performance over the course of 7+ days (higher CPCs, lower CTRs, fewer conversions, etc.)

#2: Look at the Frequency column in your Facebook Ads dashboard. This metric is showing you the average number of times someone saw your Ad. Make sure your Frequency doesn't go above 2.5 - 3.0.

If you're spending $5-$10 per day, you can sometimes have Ads that run for months at a time without needing a refresh, because your audience may not be becoming numb to your Ads at that sort of spend level.

The caveat here of course is that it's a big audience (of at least 500,000+ people) and you are showing them good Ads that are working well (i.e. good engagement, low costs and good conversions - sales and page reads).

It's when you start getting up to the $30 - $50+ per day of Ad Spend (on a single Ad) that you'll need to keep an eye on things a little closer to make sure your Ads aren't fatiguing.

How To Freshen Up Your Ad Creative

To keep things fresh and not become numb to your audience, here's what you can do:

– Test a new image (e.g. different review quote within the image, different background, different layout, etc.)

– Test a different piece of Primary Text (e.g. shorter, longer, start with a review quote, start with a question, etc.)

– Test a different headline (e.g. different review quote, mention the price of the book if it's on sale, let readers know book is in Kindle Unlimited, etc.)

– Test a different offer (e.g discounting your book to 99¢ for 7 days, if you can, introduce scarcity with a deadline, etc.)

These are just a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing. You can really test just about anything, so long as it's new to this specific audience and different from your previous Ads that have fatigued.

If you need some help writing the Primary Text, The Facebook Ads Monthly Templates can help; you'll receive 3 fresh new tried and tested Primary Text templates each and every month, that you can use in your own Facebook Ads.

So, keep an eye on your Ads and if performance is trending downwards over a 7+ day time period, it's likely time to start thinking about testing some new Ad Creative.


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- Matt

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