How to use Facebook Ads Dynamic Creative



Facebook Ads Dynamic Creative can be amazing; it can also be a little frustrating!

In the main though, it's a very useful research tool to find winning Ads.

Dynamic Creative is something I dive much deeper into inside Jumpstart Facebook Ads, but today, I'm going to provide you with an overview of what it is and how it works.

In short, Dynamic Creative lets you throw a bunch of different assets at Facebook and let Facebook do all the heavy lifting for you when it comes to testing.

Here's what you can throw at Facebook with Dynamic Creative:

– Up to 10 x Images

– Up to 5 x Headlines

– Up to 5 x Primary Text

– Up to 5 x Descriptions

– Up to 5 x Call-To-Action Buttons

All of these assets will be in one Ad and Facebook will mix and match them for you to find a winning combination.

For example, it would test:

– Image #1 with Primary Text #3, with Headline #2, Description #1 and Button #2

– Image #3 with Primary Text #1, with Headline #3, Description #1 and Button #1

– And so on...

As you can see, there are potentially 100's of possible combinations here that would take several weeks to test manually (i.e. not using Dynamic Creative).

The numbers listed above are maximums; I wouldn't recommend maxing out on any of the different assets, particularly with smaller budgets (below $20 per day), as there just isn't enough budget to go around and test each asset fairly.

Instead, here are the maximums I would recommend:

– 3-5 Images

– 2-3 Headlines

– 2-3 Primary Text

– 1 x Description

– 1-2 Call-To-Action Buttons

This will be more than enough to give you a good idea of which assets work and which don't.

Once you've found your winning combination of Image, Headline, Primary Text, Description, Call-To-Action Button, you can then create standard (non-Dynamic Creative) Ads using these winning assets.

I have personally run Dynamic Creative Ads for 3-6 months at a time, but predominantly, I use them for research purposes and I use standard Ads for scaling.

It's not all sunshine and rainbows though...

The difficulty with Dynamic Creative is reading the data.

With so many possible combinations and just one tracking link for the entire Ad, we can't decipher which combination of Image, Headline, etc actually generated sales and page reads for us.

We can have a good guess by looking at the assets with the highest number of clicks, but it's not cut and dry like it is with standard Ads.

To wrap up, here are the Pros and Cons of Dynamic Creative I've experienced:


– Fantastic for testing lots of variables in a relatively short period of time

– Great for authors just getting started with Facebook Ads

– If you want to refresh your Ads and test a bunch of different things quickly, Dynamic Creative can help

– Perfect for launches and promos when you have a limited time window for testing ads

– Quick to set up and launch

– Doesn’t require huge amounts of time to optimize the ads - Facebook is doing a lot of the heavy lifting for you

– With so many combinations of variables, you can have Dynamic Creative Ads that don’t suffer from Ad Fatigue for 5-6 months or more; standard Facebook Ads can suffer from Ad Fatigue within 3-4 weeks


– You can’t add standard Ads into an Ad Set that has a Dynamic Creative Ad

– If you make any changes to your Dynamic Creative ads, you will lose all the social proof on any of the combinations Facebook has created and tested with the variables you provided

– You don’t have control over which assets Facebook sends the most budget to

– If any of the assets in your Dynamic Creative Ad are disapproved by the Facebook algorithm, the whole Ad is rejected

– You only have the option of one tracking link for the entire Ad, so can't track the individual performance of each asset of the Ad (something you could do with standard Ads)

If you want to dive into the weeds of Dynamic Creative even more, watch me set up a Dynamic Creative Ad and analyze the data, I do all of this inside Jumpstart Facebook Ads.

Dynamic Creative offers an amazing way to test many different variables of an Ad at the same time. They are quick to build and a perfect entry point if you’re brand new to Facebook Ads.

All that being said, if you're looking to scale your Facebook Ads, standard Ads (non-Dynamic Creative Ads) is where your focus should be.

For research purposes though, if you're not too worried about tracking the individual performance of each asset of an Ad, then Dynamic Creative is a great place to start.


To Your Success

– Matt

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