Increase Impressions and Clicks in 30 Seconds


I've previously touched on the topic of what to do when you're struggling to generate impressions and clicks on your Amazon Ads.

Today though, I'm going to show you a quick and effective way to increase the impressions and clicks, specifically on your Automatic Targeting campaigns.

You need to show Amazon you're prepared to spend money.

Typically, I recommend starting new campaigns using the Dynamic Bids Down Only bidding strategy, because it acts as a sort of safety net.

The downside to this bidding strategy, however, is that Amazon will lower your bid when you're less likely to convert into a sale.

For new books, or books without much in the way of sales, and therefore data, Amazon thinks you are less likely to convert to a sale, because it doesn't have much/any evidence to prove otherwise, so will lower your bids regardless.

Switch to Dynamic Bids Up and Down

Changing the bidding strategy to Dynamic Bids Up and Down will tell Amazon that you want to spend money, you want to be more aggressive and really start pushing this book.

Dynamic Bids Down Only can definitely work well if you're advertising books with a good sales history (at least 2-3 sales per day for the past month or so). For any other scenarios though, you may not get much traction, which is where Dynamic Bids Up and Down can come into play.

Your Action Steps:

#1: Keep your bids as they are
#2: Change your bidding strategy to Dynamic Bids Up and Down

This way, you will get more impressions and clicks, collect more data and be able to take actionable steps and decisions from there, with confidence.

Once these campaigns start spending money and therefore collecting data, keep an eye on the Search Terms to weed out irrelevant or non-converting keywords and ASINs.

To Your Success
- Matt


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