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Keyword Themes

Aug 19, 2022


I don't know about you, but this week has flown by in a flash - it's Friday already, so hope you are looking forward to the weekend, whatever you have planned.

Today, I'd like to share with you a way to find themes among the customer search terms in your Automatic Targeting campaigns.

Essentially, what you are doing is analyzing the customer search term column in your Automatic Targeting campaign Search Terms, looking for words that keep popping up (and are also generating sales and page reads), which you can then dive deeper into.

Let's put some context around this with an example...

You are advertising your crime thriller book and, understandably, you notice the single word crime appear again and again in your Search Terms - and it's performing well for you too.

Next, you type the word crime into a keyword research tool, such as Publisher Rocket [affiliate link] and find as many relevant keyword ideas as you can around that word, such as:

- crime fiction
- crime thrillers
- true crime books
- crime and mystery
- crime detective books

You then test these new keyword ideas you've found in a new Campaign using Broad Match and/or Phrase Match keywords to find even more keywords you could scale up.

Personally, when I do this, I include the seed keyword, in this case, crime, within the campaign name. I then create multiple campaigns each testing keyword ideas from a different seed keyword.

Sticking with our crime example, other seed keywords we might see in our Automatic Targeting campaign Search Terms are:

- Detective
- English Crime
- British Crime
- Police

Typically, I start with a single seed keyword, but sometimes, to make the keyword research process more relevant, I will use a 2-word keyword, such as English Crime.

This is a great strategy to find new keywords you can scale up and using a keyword research tool such as Publisher Rocket allows you to also analyze the search volume for these keywords, to make sure there are enough readers searching for them.

If you are using a tool such as Publisher Rocket, I would recommend using keywords with a monthly search volume of at least 500. This way, you know there are enough readers looking for these types of books and you should collect data relatively quickly.

As with everything in Amazon Ads, expect the 80/20 rule to apply to these keyword research campaigns.

So, 20% of the keywords you're testing will be driving 80% of the results. The remaining 80% of the keywords you're testing will do very little for you. That's totally normal!

Have an amazing weekend.

To Your Success
- Matt

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Join 2,300+ authors receiving The Saturday Self Published Author. Every Saturday morning, you’ll get 1 actionable marketing tip to help you reach more readers and sell more books.