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Launches and Promos With Amazon Ads?

Aug 13, 2022


I hope you are enjoying your weekend.

It's a hot one here in the UK today, so most Brits, including us, are sheltering inside from the heat - we like it warm, but we don't like it this warm!

Today's email is a little later than usual as, this morning, I was putting the finishing touches to Jumpstart Amazon Ads (now launching on Monday 15th August), and because of the heat, the twins were up early!

So, as all the babies are now asleep, I'm taking the opportunity to write this email to you.

And today, I wanted to answer the question of whether Amazon Ads can (and should) be used for launches.

I also have a special something to share with you if you have an upcoming launch or promo.

In short, Amazon Ads aren't too great for book launches or promos, unless you have some mature campaigns that can be ramped up a few days before said launch or promo.

If you're thinking you'll launch some brand new Amazon Ads campaigns a few days before or on the day of your launch or promo, I'm afraid you're going to be severely disappointed.

Amazon Ads take time to mature - and that's without you manually optimizing them.

It just takes time for the algorithm to work its magic.

If you already have some mature campaigns that have been running for a few weeks, or, ideally, a few months, and are generating some good sales and/or page reads, it's just a case of doubling down on those campaigns.

You do that by simply increasing the budget by 10% per day shortly before the launch or promo (and during the launch or promo period itself) and also, using the Placement Adjustments for your best performing placement; Top of Search or Product Pages.

Start with a 20% adjustment on your top performing placement and adjust accordingly as you start to gather data.

It doesn't have to be any more complicated than that.

Launches and promos are not the time for testing; they are the time to double down on your best performing campaigns.

I wouldn't recommend relying solely on your Amazon Ads for a launch or promo. I always advocate using other avenues of marketing too, such as Facebook Ads, BookBub Ads and Promo Sites.

Something Special...

Speaking of Promo Sites, I have a special something for you...

Mike and Kathleen, founders of the Promo Site LitNuts, have reached out to me and would like to offer my audience an exclusive offer:

- Get a Featured Books Promotion for just $8 using the Promo Code ACOS8 (One-time use, expires December 31st 2022)
- Get 30% off a Featured Books Promotion using the Promo Code ACOS30 (Use as many times as you like - no expiration date)

Thank you so much to Mike and Kathleen for this very generous offer; if you have a promo or launch coming up soon, I highly recommend adding LitNuts into your strategy. I used LitNuts for the latest launch of my wife's book, just a few weeks ago :)

Enjoy your weekend. And, if you're in the UK, stay cool!

To Your Success
- Matt

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