Lockscreen Ads – Do They Work?


Lockscreen Ads; the bane of most authors! Why?

Because they either do nothing or spend your entire budget with little to show for it.

I'm testing Lockscreen Ads for you!

I haven't run Lockscreen Ads for some time now, so after feedback from a member of Amazon Ads Academy, and my own intrigue, I've recently launched some new Lockscreen Ads to see if I can crack the code.

If you're not sure what Lockscreen Ads, here's a run-down.

– Advertise eBooks only (you can't advertise print books with these ads)

– Target by genre (no keyword or ASIN targeting available)

– Displays your Ads on the lockscreens (hence the name!) and home screens of Kindle devices and Kindle Fire Tablets

– Write your own custom text to pique the interest of readers

– Requires a minimum $100 budget

– You only pay for clicks (not impressions), just as with other forms of Amazon Ads for authors

– Can be expensive to gain traction (you're looking at clicks costing upwards of $0.80, at least; higher for some genres)

– When readers click your Lockscreen Ad, they are taken to your book product page where they can buy or borrow your book

This all sounds great on the surface, but it's not all sunshine and rainbows.

They can be notoriously difficult to get moving; even generating impressions with these ads can be a challenge, let alone getting clicks and spending money.

Once you have generated some clicks, the data you're provided with isn't great.

For one, you can't see how many page reads have been generated from your ads. And, you can't see how the clicks (and sales) were generated (i.e. which targeting option was the winner, if you're targeting multiple genres in a single campaign).

You'll also find that although you may generate clicks, people won't even land on your book product page for various reasons, such as their Kindle not being connected to the internet, or accidentally clicking on your ad in the first place.

With all that being said, they may be worth investing some time and money into.

I'll keep you posted on how the Lockscreen Ads I'm running are performing; it will be a few weeks, as, from the initial results I'm seeing at the moment, I've got a lot more testing to do!

Watch this space.


To Your Success

- Matt

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