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Today's edition of The Morning ACOS is a little two-parter:

This first part is to make you aware of something you may have seen in your campaigns that could be seriously chipping away at the effectiveness and profitability of your Amazon Ads.

And the second part (coming tomorrow) is a solution to the problem I'll be covering today.

So, with the pre-amble out of the way, let's dive in...

Automatic Targeting and Category Targeting campaigns are very powerful, no doubt about that.

However, they can go a little wild, if you're not keeping a careful eye on them.

You will sometimes notice a big spike in impressions (and often clicks) on your Automatic and Category Targeting campaigns, that usually happen because Amazon has found a free book it's decided to target.

In most cases, free books generate a lot more traffic than paid books (although it does look like Amazon is favoring free books less and less these days) and with all this extra visibility, your Ads are generating lots of impressions and clicks.

However, I very rarely find that these free books that Amazon targets on our behalf convert well when advertising a paid book.

If you're advertising a free book, then they can convert better, but a paid book being advertised on a free book product page... not so much.

So, when I spot these, I immediately negate them.

And they can appear out of the blue, because an Author or Publisher may run a free, limited-time promo or deal on their book and generate oodles of traffic to their page very quickly.

What this means for you as an advertiser is more impressions on your Ads, yes, potentially lots more clicks and therefore expense on your Ads, but not necessarily more sales and page reads.

Readers looking for free books on Amazon are often not the type of reader who is prepared to pay for a book.

So, you're effectively wasting money on targeting the wrong group of readers, because they're just not going to buy a book when there are so many free books available to them on Amazon.

In Automatic Targeting campaigns there's no way to prevent this from happening, aside from negating these ASINs as soon as you identify them.

With Category Targeting campaigns, however, there is a solution that doesn't involve negative targeting, which I'll be revealing to you tomorrow.

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- Matt

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