My Post Book Launch Ads Strategy



You’ve just come off the back of a book launch or big promotion and spent a few hundred or a few thousand dollars. You’ve now got a decision to make…

Do you turn off all the Ads and coast with the sales and page reads that come along with a successful book launch due to the high ranking in the Amazon stores? Or, do you continue running Ads, albeit at a lower daily budget? 

Today, I'm going to share what I do with the Ads after a book launch or promotion.

If you cut Ads off immediately after a launch or promo, you're going to see sales drop off a cliff. 

For me, I'm a big fan of evergreen Ads (i.e. Ads that are running 365 days a year); I just increase and decrease Ad spend as and when required, but there are always Ads running.

I believe that you should be introducing new readers to your books every single day of the year. Not just when you have a book to launch or a promotion to run.

Even if you're not a component of evergreen Ads, I would, at the very least, recommend continuing to run Ads for 1-2 weeks after a launch or promo to ride the wave.

By this, I mean that during your launch or promo, you've hopefully pushed your books up the rankings and are benefiting from lots of organic visibility, sales and page reads.

And by continuing to run Ads, even when your launch or promo has come to an end, you'll stay up in the rankings much longer than if you were to just turn the Ads off.

You'll also receive more full-price sales of your books, if you've switched the price of your books from 99¢ to their full price of $3.99, for example.

I also don't like relying 100% on the Amazon Algorithms; I like to have an element of control over the performance of the books, which you achieve through advertising.

If you've made a loss during your launch or promo, it can be tempting to cut Ad Spend altogether and recoup some money from the tail of sales and page reads that generally follow a launch or promo.

Based on my experience, however, even with a low Ad Spend, you'll be in a far better position than you would be were you to spend nothing on Ads.

I generally cut Ad Spend by around 20% the day after a launch or promo. Then reduce it a further 10% or so over the next few days, until I'm spending around 50% of what I was on the final day of the launch or promo.

So I don't do a big cut; I prefer to gradually reduce Ad Spend instead.

And that's my recommendation for post-launch or promo.

Continue running Ads if you can and you'll benefit from maintaining a higher ranking for longer, squeezing out a good number of full-price sales, as well as additional borrows, all as a result of the higher rankings you've achieved and are maintaining with the Ads.


To Your Success

– Matt

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