Overnight Results?


If you're looking for overnight results (i.e. become a bestseller tomorrow), Amazon Ads isn't going to cut it.

In fact, there's really nothing that can deliver overnight results (aside from appearing on Oprah, perhaps).

But going into Amazon Ads with the right mindset is absolutely key to you sticking with them for the long-term.

You're playing the long game with Amazon Ads.

One of the quirks of Amazon Ads, is that they're not overly keen on spending your entire daily budget – unlike platforms such as Facebook Ads which will take everything you give it!

This means that you're not going to collect data and start making sales by tomorrow.

It certainly can happen, as I've witnessed it first hand; I've had campaigns launched one day, then the next, they've already started making sales and generating page reads.

9 times out of 10, however, this happens when one or both of the following things are happening:

#1: You're being aggressive with your bidding (i.e. bidding high)

#2: Your advertised book is well established, converts well and has a strong ranking (i.e. it's already selling well)

If you're bidding low and you're advertising a book that hasn't been advertised or marketed for a while and the ranking isn't too great, then it's going to take longer to start seeing results.

The results will come, providing you've got all the pieces in place (strategically thought out campaigns, a strong foundation, relevant targeting, etc), it can just take time.

More specifically, my advice is to let new campaigns run for at least 1-2 weeks before making any decisions on them.

This timeframe gives the Amazon algorithm time to learn about your books, your readers, test the waters with your Ads, see how they perform, compare your Ads to other advertisers, etc.

If you're not seeing impressions and clicks in the first few days of a campaign, don't panic and go into your account with a canon ball, making massive changes left, right and center.

Let things be and allow the data to gather. Then make your move.

Long-term thinking always beats short term wins.


To Your Success

- Matt


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