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We had an amazing storm here in our part of the UK last night; huge claps of thunder, fork lightning and heavy rain powering down on the roof; I love a good storm!

And miraculously, the boys slept through it all, which was a blessing as it took them over an hour to finally fall asleep yesterday evening!

Anyway, storms and toddler troubles aside...

One of the most granular types of targeting with Amazon Ads and a strategy I dive into inside Amazon Ads Academy, is ASIN Targeting.

Every single book on Amazon has its own unique ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) and with Amazon Ads, you can target these ASINs precisely, even down to the specific format of that ASIN, because even the different formats of the same book have a different ASIN (ISBN for Print Books). 

However, not all ASIN Targeting campaigns are created equal.

If you're targeting an ASIN (a book) ranked in the Top 1,000 of the Kindle Store, your Ad is going to be seen by far more readers than if you were targeting an ASIN ranked at 589,987 in the Kindle Store.

Remember... Impressions = Clicks. And Clicks = Potential Sales. 

You need the impressions to get the clicks and the clicks to get the sales.

But if you're not getting the impressions, you're not going to get the clicks and therefore, you're not going to get the sales.

So, this is why I like to target ASINs that are in the Top 10,000 of the Kindle or Books Store.

These ASINs will have far more eyeballs on them, resulting in more impressions of your Ads, leading to more clicks and if you're targeting relevant ASINs and have a good converting book product page, the sales will follow.

It's not all sunshine and rainbows though...

The better ranked an ASIN is, generally, the more expensive it's going to be to target because other advertisers are targeting them as well.

Now, I'm not saying that targeting ASINs ranked at 204,384 won't generate sales for you; they certainly can.

You'll just find that it's slower to generate the impressions and therefore the clicks and sales on them, than if you were targeting ASINs ranked in the Top 10,000.

And one final tip...

Target ASINs that are the same format as your advertised books. For example:

- Your Kindle Books - Target the ASINs of other Kindle Books

- Your Paperback Books - Target the ASINs (ISBNs) of other Paperback Books

- Your Hardback Books - Target the ASINs (ISBNs) of other Hardback Books

Enjoy the granularity of these ASIN Targeting campaigns!


To Your Success

- Matt

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