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You Need This To Scale Facebook Ads

Nov 26, 2022



In order to spend more money on Facebook Ads, specifically, spending more money on good performing Campaigns and Ad Sets (also known as Vertical Scaling), there's one thing you're going to need in place...

A Bigger Audience

Yes, Facebook Ads audiences are HUGE in most cases, but your Ads aren't going to reach every person in every audience you target.

When you start your Facebook Ads with tight targeting (e.g. Females, aged 35-45), you're going to be restricting the size of your audience for a start, but you're also going to prevent Facebook's algorithm from unleashing its full potential.

Whilst I'm not against refining your Facebook Ads targeting (quite the opposite in fact, as you can read more about here), when it comes to scaling and spending $100 or more on a single Campaign or Ad Set, I've always seen best results from audience sizes in the millions, ideally 5 million and higher.

My best performing audiences have an estimated audience size of over 10 million people.

And these are the audiences I'm spending the big money on.

If you try scaling an audience with 50,000 people in it, it's going to scale a little, yes, but you'll find, pretty quickly, that you just won't be able to profitably scale that audience anymore. You'll hit a point of diminishing returns.

It's at this point that you'll need to expand your audience if you want to continue scaling.

To do this:

– Stack multiple proven audiences together

– Increase the age range of your target audience

– Target both genders (if applicable – most of the time, it is, believe it or not)

– Use bigger Lookalike Audiences

Also keep in mind that with scaling, often comes higher costs.

Yes, you'll be reaching more people, which is great, but the more you expand your audience, the further away you're moving from your ideal reader. Therefore, engagement on your Ads isn't going to be as high, so your CPCs (Cost Per Clicks) could increase.

You're asking Facebook to show your Ads to more people, but not all those people will be as good a fit for your books, as was the case when working with smaller audiences.

This is something that happens on any advertising platform when scaling, not just Facebook Ads.

Now, I'm not saying this to put you off scaling, because you need to scale if you want to reach more readers.

I'm just making you aware of what to expect when you do start scaling your Facebook Ads.

So, to sum up...

When you're ready to scale, expand your audience sizes to ensure you don't put the brakes on your Facebook Ads.

And go into scaling with the expectation that costs may rise a little. But that's okay, because you're driving more people to your books (granted, not all of these people are going to be right for your books) and with more volume, comes more sales.


To Your Success

– Matt

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