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Learn How to Launch, Optimize and Scale Facebook Ads That Maximize Book Sales.

In just 60-90 minutes per week you can leverage the power of Facebook Ads to reach more readers, skyrocket your book sales and build your author business (without sacrificing your writing time).


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Do You Really Need Facebook Ads?

In the beginning, I thought Facebook Ads were the worse possible route for advertising books; people don’t go to Facebook to buy books. They go on there to catch up with friends and family!

How wrong I was…

Facebook Ads have, without a doubt, been THE biggest driver of sales for my wife’s books.

But, it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows from Day 1 with our Facebook Ads; far from it.

I struggled with them. A lot.

  • All the Facebook Ads lingo
  • The Campaign Structure
  • The Targeting options
  • Creating scroll-stopping images
  • Writing engaging Ad Copy
  • The list goes on

I cringe when I look at back at the first Facebook Ads I ran for Lori’s books.

At the same time, I smile, because I can see how far I’ve come when I look at the Ads I’m running today.

And that was only a matter of 3 years ago (April 2020 to be precise).

I’ve spent a lot of money on Facebook Ads, but at the same time, we 2-3x our investment on them every month.

Sure, there has been a lot of wasted Ad Spend over the years, but I can, with full confidence share with you, that Facebook Ads are THE reason why my wife is a full-time author today.

Of course, writing great books that readers enjoy and all the other pieces of the puzzle that need to be in place as a self-published author have played a big role.

In terms of generating traffic and getting eyeballs on the books though, Facebook Ads have been our biggest leverage point.

Facebook Ads can help YOU:

  • Drive more book sales
  • Generate more Page Reads
  • Build your audience of raving fans

I’ve done it with my wife’s books, I’ve helped 100’s of other self-published authors do it with their books, and now I want to help YOU do it with YOUR books.


Can You Find 60-90 Minutes Per Week? You Can Use Facebook Ads.

Back on April 19th 2020, we launched Book 1 of my wife’s series. A week later, on April 26th, we launched Book 2 of the series.

We were spending around $10 per day. And making around $15-$30 per day.

We had a long way to go if we were ever going to earn a living from Lori’s books.

Fast forward a few years, and we earn five figures per month in Amazon Royalties from Lori’s 4 books.

In the past, I’ve spent far too much time “messing” with my Facebook Ads, which, I can tell you from personal experience, is how you destroy your results.

I know marketers spending tens of thousands of dollars per day on Facebook Ads who manage their accounts in just 1-2 hours per week.

So, if you’re spending more than a couple of hours per week on your Facebook Ads and you’re not spending five figures per day on them, you’re probably doing it wrong - like I was!

After several months of trial and error, I eventually found a system to run my Facebook Ads that just worked. Really well; we were doubling or tripling Ad Spend each and every day.

And this cycle continued for a couple of years.

But then, it stopped working.

No matter what I did to make my system work again, it just didn’t. Nothing could bring back the results we were having just mere weeks before.

And so, back to the drawing board I went.

After several months of trial and error, including discovering why my previous system had stopped working, I accidentally came across a whole new methodology for running Facebook Ads.

This new strategy really got things moving again, but it also:

  • Required less work
  • Provided more stable results
  • And allowed me to scale higher and faster

Today, I spend just 60-90 minutes per week on the Facebook Ads for Lori’s books and can focus my time on the single biggest lever I can pull with them.

No complex strategies and tactics I’ve previously used that you see touted across the internet.

I keep things incredibly simple because simplicity scales.

I’m leaning heavily into Facebook’s AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Machine Learning; letting it do the heavy lifting for me, while I focus on what truly moves the needle for us.

Instead of resisting the Facebook Ads algorithm, which is what I was previously doing and why my results fell off a cliff, I started to embrace it, and the results followed soon after.


Who is This Guy Who Seems A Little Obsessed With Facebook Ads?

Hey, I'm Matt,

My name's Matt Holmes and inside Jumpstart Facebook Ads For Authors, I’m going to reveal how I use Facebook Ads to drive thousands of book sales, millions of Page Reads and five figures in Royalties every single month.

The system I'm going to share with you is both highly scalable AND takes less than 60-90 minutes per week to manage.

Look, I'll be brutally honest with you, my wife and I aren’t millionaires, BUT, we have built a healthy six-figure author business with 4 books.

And it’s allowed us to spend time as a family every single day, my wife to fulfill her dream of becoming a full-time author and living in our dream house in the British countryside.

A big part of our “success” (which is subjective), has been Facebook Ads. And, given the possibilities it offers, I would love to help YOU achieve your dreams, goals, and aspirations as an author by using Facebook Ads to position your books in front of your ideal readers.

It feels like I’m boasting, which I’m not… but, I am willing to take that hit to ease your worries about investing in a product of mine.

I just want to show you what’s possible when you put your mind to something, follow your dreams, and really commit.


Who is This Course For?

Before I waste any more of your time, let’s see if you should continue reading and whether Jumpstart Facebook Ads For Authors is something that can help YOU.

If you do not relate with at least one of the below, feel free to leave the page:

  • Authors with 1 book published (or are about to publish their first book), have an initial goal of building their readership and learning how to drive sales from Facebook Ads (profit will be difficult with 1 book)
  • Authors who have published 2 or more books, are looking to increase profit, but don't yet have a Facebook Ads strategy in place or a roadmap to follow
  • Authors who have been "burned" by Facebook Ads before, but are ready to start seeing profitable results from them and want a strategy they can implement immediately
  • Authors who have at least $10 per day to spend on Facebook Ads (yes, you can get results with this budget)
  • Authors who are able to spend $20, $30, $50 or more per day on Facebook Ads (although, you don’t need to start this high in the beginning)

If any of these resonate with you, Jumpstart Facebook Ads For Authors can help.

Ultimately, if marketing is never done, your books will never sell.


What Other Authors Are Saying About Jumpstart Facebook Ads...


From Facebook Ads Overwhelm To Facebook Ads Clarity.

Facebook Ads is often talked about as being this big, complicated Ads platform that just takes your money and “doesn’t work”.

It’s not.

In my opinion, Facebook Ads is in fact, one of the most exciting opportunities for self-published authors in the 21st century.

I know, that sounds a little extravagant.

But it’s what I believe, because, for the cost of a couple of coffees from your favorite barista, you can literally send 100’s of people to your book on Amazon.

Sure, not all of them will buy your book, but a percentage of them will. And the ones that don’t…

Amazon knows they’ve visited your book product page and will continue to market your book to them.

But it all starts with Traffic.

And Facebook Ads wins hands-down when it comes to traffic, in my opinion, because they:

  • Deliver inexpensive traffic (typically less than $0.30 per click)
  • Reach a huge number of readers
  • Build an audience of loyal readers
  • Give readers a “taste” of your book before they buy it
  • Offer the opportunity to build buzz and hype around a book launch
  • Can be up and running for the first time within 30-60 minutes
  • Works with budgets from $10 per day upto $10,000’s per day

I’ll be honest, my approach to Facebook Ads is a little different from what you may have come across before. It may challenge everything you know about Facebook Ads.

But the bottom line is it works.

Many authors shy away from Facebook Ads because they’ve either been burned before or are just too overwhelmed to learn the ins and outs of running the Ads themselves.

It’s time to embrace Facebook Ads and start maximizing your book sales.

Introducing Jumpstart Facebook Ads For Authors.

A practical approach to running profitable Facebook Ads in just 60-90 minutes per week.

Instead of panicking about how much you’ve spent on Facebook Ads, getting lost in the Ads Dashboard, worrying about the money you’re throwing down the drain, or confused about how to “optimize” your Campaigns, wouldn’t you rather be:

  • Implementing a proven Facebook Ads system, tailored to your books
  • Selling books day in, day out, at a rate you never dreamt was possible
  • Know your way around the Ads dashboard like the back of your hand
  • Understand the key metrics and know which Ads are driving sales and page reads and which aren’t
  • Have the foundations in place to be able to scale your Facebook Ads to profitably spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars per day on them

Over the course of 3 actionable modules, here's what you'll learn inside Jumpstart Facebook Ads For Authors:



Before we launch any Facebook Ads, we first need to set you up for success with a solid foundation and understanding of this powerful advertising platform.

Without a solid foundation, no matter how much you spend on Facebook Ads, your books are just not going to sell.

By the end of the course you will feel confident in your ability to build a rock-solid foundation that improves the performance of your Facebook Ads and drives more sales and Page Reads.



This is where the rubber meets the road as I spill the beans on my unique Facebook Ads strategy.

To avoid you the pain of seeing your hard earned money disappear down the drain, I'll walk you through the EXACT account structure I use and how to do it in a way that ensures maximum efficiency and results.

Watch over my shoulder (and follow along), as I build everything out in front of you, step-by-step.

The targeting, the placements, the Ads, all the little hidden features that can destroy your results; I’ll show you everything I know.

I’ll also share my best practices and examples of scroll-stopping Facebook Ads creative that are sure to stop people in their tracks and get them to consider buying or borrowing your book on Amazon, as well as how to test your Facebook Ads and track the results.

By the end of the course, you will know exactly how my Facebook Ads Blueprint works, the ins and outs of it, and how to manage your Ads in just 60-90 minutes per week.



Discover and follow along with my Facebook Ads optimization system, as we identify winning Ads, trim wasted Ad Spend and scale up your results.

Optimization and scaling are some of the most talked about topics in the Author community, and they are often overcomplicated.

For me, simple wins every time, because simplicity scales.

And that’s what I teach; how to get incredible results with your Facebook Ads, without losing your hair (or your wallet) in the process.

By the end of the course, you will understand exactly how to identify your winning Facebook Ads, optimize your account, trim wasted Ad Spend, test new ideas and scale up the winners.


Your Bonuses

BONUS #1: The Facebook Ads Toolkit For Authors

This is something I've never shared before, BUT, it's yours when you enroll in Jumpstart Facebook Ads For Authors.


I built The Facebook Ads Toolkit For Authors in Notion (a 100% free tool) from scratch and use it to keep on top of everything related to our Facebook Ads, including:

  • Ultimate Author Trackers (Weekly and Monthly) - Tracking of your entire Author business
  • Tracking of your individual Facebook Ads (along with conversion rate and cost per sale metrics)
  • Ad Comparison Tool, to measure the effectiveness of all your advertising efforts (Facebook Ads, Amazon Ads, BookBub Ads, etc.) and identify where you should be spending your money and where you should be cutting back
  • A Daily ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) Tracker for your Facebook Ads and overall author business (this tool alone will help you scale your Facebook Ads)
  • Facebook Ads Inspiration Lab to collect ideas for your Facebook Ads
  • And a place to write and create your own Facebook Ads that will act as a library for future reference when you identify your winning Ads

The Facebook Ads Toolkit has been an absolute game-changer for me, primarily because instead of having multiple different Google Docs and Google Sheets dotted all over the place with my ideas and tracking details, everything is one place.

And I know it will change the game for you too, which is why I want to provide you complimentary access to it inside Jumpstart Facebook Ads For Authors.


BONUS #2: 30 Days of FREE Access To The Author Marketing Insiders Community

A community to ask all your burning questions, have direct access to myself and the opportunity to help and share your experiences with other self-published authors.

Working through self-paced courses, such as Jumpstart Facebook Ads For Authors on your own is fantastic, don't get me wrong.

But, when you come up against a challenge, need some some feedback on something or are just looking for more clarity on a specific topic, having a community you can call upon for support is huge.

That is exactly what The Author Marketing Insiders Community is for.

Here's what the community is all about:

  • It's a place to have direct access to me (Matt!)
  • Ask your burning questions about Ads and marketing
  • All grounds are covered (Facebook Ads, Amazon Ads, Strategy, Newsletters, and more)
  • Network with other authors
  • Learn from not only myself but other authors too
  • Share your experiences and insights
  • Receive personalized answers and advice
  • Take part in discussions with other self-published authors

The Author Marketing Insiders Community is exclusive to course members. The only way to have access to the community is through purchasing one of my courses.

This way, I can more closely control the content inside the community and give better, more valuable, personalized advice to members.


When you join Jumpstart Facebook Ads For Authors, you will also have the opportunity to receive 30 days of completely free, unrestricted access to The Author Marketing Insiders Community.

After your 30 days of free access, there will be a $5 per month subscription to retain your membership; but you can cancel at any time.

If you decide not to continue your membership of the community, you WILL still retain lifetime access to Jumpstart Facebook Ads For Authors.



Jumpstart Facebook Ads


A Single Payment Today

The exact Facebook Ads Strategy I use on a daily basis

How to create scroll-stopping Facebook Ads

The process I use to identify winning Facebook Ads

How I optimize Facebook Ads for maximum efficiency

Learn how and when to profitably scale your Facebook Ads

All future updates at no additional cost to you

Lifetime Access

The Facebook Ads Toolkit For Authors (Notion Template)

30 Days FREE: Author Marketing Insiders Community


Jumpstart Facebook Ads


Spread payments over 5 months

The exact Facebook Ads Strategy I use on a daily basis

How to create scroll-stopping Facebook Ads

The process I use to identify winning Facebook Ads

How I optimize Facebook Ads for maximum efficiency

Learn how and when to profitably scale your Facebook Ads

All future updates at no additional cost to you

Lifetime Access

The Facebook Ads Toolkit For Authors (Notion Template)

30 Days FREE: Author Marketing Insiders Community



I'm confident you will LOVE Jumpstart Facebook Ads For Authors. However, if you invest in the course and don't like it, simply let me know and I'll refund you within 14 days of purchase. Historically, my refund rate has been less than half a percent.

I want you to succeed and I know that if you take action and implement what I share with you and really put your heart and soul into this, you WILL succeed and see AMAZING results.


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