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Want To Advertise Your Books With Facebook Ads, But Struggling To Create Ads That Convert?

I’ll Show You How To Craft Ads That Speak Directly To Your Ideal Readers and Use Unrestricted Targeting To Turn Your Books Into A Six-Figure Author Business (in 1-2 Hours Per Week)


Once Upon A Time, You Struggled With Facebook Ads

You spent days, weeks, even months testing a bunch of different tactics and strategies, hoping to find “the thing”, that "magic bullet" to transform your results.

You refreshed your Facebook Ads dashboard, your Amazon, Draft2Digital, and Shopify dashboards, just hoping you’d had some sales.

But nothing was working.

Your Ads were expensive and just not selling enough books to make Facebook Ads a worthwhile investment.

So, you declared “Facebook Ads don’t work” and moved onto the next thing, the next shiny object.

Yep, this was me just a few years ago, when I first started advertising my wife’s books.

But today is a very different story.

After spending $100,000’s on Facebook Ads for not only my wife’s books but also advertising books for other authors, I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t work.

And rather than trying to piece together your own strategy from a YouTube video over here, or a blog post over there, I’ve put everything I’ve learned under one roof…

Jumpstart Facebook Ads For Authors is the result of almost 4 years of experience running Facebook Ads for authors.

Inside, you’ll find everything you need to build a solid Facebook Ads strategy to turn your books into a six-figure author business.

Oh, and did I mention, it takes just 1-2 hours per week to manage?

What Will You Learn?

Many Facebook Ads strategies are both complex and outdated.

My goal with Jumpstart Facebook Ads For Authors is to equip you with a simple, bang-up-to-date roadmap to launch, optimize and scale your Facebook Ads.

And ultimately, build a thriving, enjoyable and sustainable author business.

The course walks you through my complete framework for crafting Facebook Ads that drive sales, how I optimize my Ads, how I make decisions, how I scale, and so much more.

If you’re looking for a complete, tried-and-tested Facebook Ads strategy, that is being used not just by me, but by over 1,000 authors, in multiple genres, and build your dream author business, Jumpstart Facebook Ads For Authors can help.

Bite-Size, “Hype-Free” Video Training

Jumpstart Facebook Ads For Authors is a full video course, containing 5 in-depth modules, with bitesize lessons that take anywhere from 3-15 minutes each to watch.

Powerful Facebook Ads Toolkit

Included inside the course is a Notion-based toolkit I’ve built from scratch that includes tools and processes to collect ideas for your Ads, build Ads, track your performance, and so much more.

A Community of 100’s of Authors

Plus, you’ll be invited to join my private Facebook Group, to get support and feedback on your Ads directly from myself and hundreds of other authors inside the course.

From $133 To $17,000+

My wife, Lori, an author of fantasy novels, had written from a young age, predominantly, fan-fiction.

After several years of persuassion on my part, we published her first original novel in April 2020.

That month, the royalties came to just over $133.

Fast forward a few years, and her royalties increased to over $17,000 per month, with just 6 books published.

When we first launched my wife books back in April 2020, we earned just over $133. By 2023, the books (of which there are 6) were earning over $17,000 per month.

Becoming a six-figure author was a distant dream back in 2020 for Lori.

But the catalyst for her success... Facebook Ads.

And in this course, I'd like to show you how we did it.


"Matt's Facebook Ads course was not just one of the best—but THE best—course that I have ever taken..."

- Kennedy Layne


Everything You Need To Run Facebook Ads Whether You’re Spending $20 Per Day or $2,000+ Per Day.

As I’ve tested and scaled Facebook Ads to five-figures per month in royalties, I’ve kept notes of what’s worked and what hasn’t worked.

Jumpstart Facebook Ads For Authors delivers a clear, step-by-step framework and system for you to follow, based on everything I’ve learned, so you can avoid the costly mistakes I’ve been through.

Facebook Ads Fundamentals

Before we get into the weeds of Facebook Ads, we’ll start with the foundations. There are zero shortcuts in this game. Crafting Facebook Ads that convert is going to take patience, and you need to play the long game.

Which Books To Advertise

Advertising every book in your catalog with Facebook Ads isn't a smart move, and actually cost a lot of money. I’ll show you how to decide which books you should be advertising and which books you shouldn’t.

Understand Which Metrics To Focus On (And Which To Ignore)

Facebook Ads offers a LOT of data, which can be completely and utterly overwhelming. I’ll show you which metrics, and there’s only a handful of them, that really matter and how to use these metrics to make decisions.

The Old Way vs The New Way of Running Facebook Ads

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of outdated content online about how to run Facebook Ads. I’ll show you why the old way is wasting not only your time, but also your money. And of course, I’l show you what to do instead for 100x better results.

How Facebook Ads Actually Works

The Facebook Ads algorithm is far more powerful than many advertisers realize. I’ll show you how Unrestricted Targeting will completely and utterly transform your results and truly harness the full power of Facebook’s machine learning and AI.

Endless Facebook Ads Ideas

I used to struggle, a lot, coming up with ideas for new Ads. But now, I have a tried and tested system I implement every single week, which means I have an endless stream of ideas for Ads to test. I’ll share exactly what this system is with you.

How To Craft Ads That Stop The Scroll And Drive Book Sales

Marketing psychology plays a huge role in crafting Facebook Ads that drive sales of your books. I’ll show you how to use psychology and natural human behavior to create Ads that outperform any Ads you’ve ever run before.

A Roadmap To Transition To The New Way of Running Facebook Ads

If you’ve been running Facebook Ads for a while, whether that be a few months or a few years, but you are ready to transition over to the new way of running Facebook Ads, I’ll give you step-by-step instructions of exactly how to do just that.

Step-by-Step Walkthrough of Launching A New Campaigns

Watch over my shoulder as I walk you through every single step I take to launch a new Facebook Ads campaign, including things to do, things to not and all the best practices I’ve learned over the years.

How To Run Facebook Ads For A Promotion Or Sale

When you’re running promotions for your books, and you want to drive more traffic to those promotions with Facebook Ads, how do you do it in a way that won’t affect your on-going Ads that are always on? I’ll show you how, live on-screen.

My Decision Making Framework For Facebook Ads

Making informed decisions with your Ads is going to transform your results. Why? Because you’re no longer guessing. You know which data to use, which data to ignore, learn how to tell the story of an Ad and know what to do with it.

How I Optimize Facebook Ads For Better Results And More Profit

Optimizing Facebook Ads shouldn’t be scary or intimidating. When you know how to make decisions, optimization becomes a breeze. I’ll show you how I optimize my Facebook Ads to reduce my wasted ad spend, and improve overall performance.

When And How To (Profitably) Scale Your Facebook Ads

Scaling Facebook Ads is simple with the right strategy in place. And if you know when the right time is to start scaling, it can be done in seconds. I’ll walk you through how I decide when to scale, when not to scale and how much to scale by.

Facebook Ads Tracking Step-by-Step (Tools Included)

Tracking the performance of your Ads is critical. If you’re not tracking, you don’t know what is and isn't working. You won’t know which Ads are to invest in and which Ads to cut. So, I’ve created various tracking tools to help you track.


Joanna Penn

USA Today and New York Times Bestselling Author | The Creative Penn

"I love Matt's way of breaking processes down into simple steps, and I've learned a lot about direct sales and marketing from his approach."

Inside The Course

Here’s a rundown of each of the modules inside Jumpstart Facebook Ads For Authors

Module 1

Facebook Ads Fundamentals

Let's start right at the beginning and get everything in place to set you up for maximum success with Facebook Ads.

We'll cover topics such as creating your Facebook Ads Account, understanding the hierarchy of Facebook Ads, setting expectations, knowing which books you should and shouldn't advertise, and much more besides.

Module 2

Your Facebook Ads Strategy

Launching straight into Facebook Ads with zero game-plan, zero direction or strategy is a recipe for disaster, stress and disappointment.

In this module, I'll share my exact Facebook Ads Strategy and blueprint with you, why the "old" way of running Facebook Ads will destroy your long-term results, and what to do instead. 

I'll also introduce you to the 2 fundamental cornerstones of my strategy and how we can leverage Facebook's algorithm and machine-learning to maximize your results. 

Module 3

Scroll Stopping Facebook Ads

On average, social media users scroll the height of the Eifel Tower every single day. With that amount of scrolling happening, your Facebook Ads need to catch the eye and the attention of your ideal readers.

And that's what we're going to cover in this Module; everything Facebook Ads creative. The images, the videos, the text, as well as how to never run out of ideas for fresh, new and enticing Ads.

Module 4

Launching Your First Facebook Ads

With your strategy in place, an understanding of what makes scroll-stopping Facebook Ads, it's now time to dive into the Facebook Ads dashboard and launch your first Ads.

Whether you're selling your books on Amazon, another retailer, such as Kobo or nook, or selling your books directly to readers on your own store, I've got you covered in this module.

Watch over my shoulder, as step-by-step, I walk you through the exact setup I go through when launching every new Facebook Ad.

Module 5

Ad Account Management

With your Facebook Ads launched, you'll need a system in place to keep your Ads under control, ensuring you're not wasting money on Ads that aren't performing, and you're focusing your budget on the top performing Ads.

In this module, we'll cover everything from optimization through to scaling, understanding the key metrics, how to make decisions strategically, and how to track your Facebook Ads performance.


"I went from very modest sales the first year to well over six figures for the first time ever."

JK Franks, Speculative/Post-Apocalyptic Author (The Catalyst Series)


“I have had great success with the course. I have taken many Facebook Ad courses and it wasn't until this one that things started to click.”

- Hope Ford

Your Bonuses

But wait, there's more...


Members-Only Facebook Group

I've created a dedicated, members-only Facebook Group where you can get all the support you need, answer your burning questions, receive feedback on your Ads, book covers, blurbs, and more.

It's an opportunity to network with other authors who are working their way through the course, or have already completed it. 

One thing is for sure... you're not going to be left high and dry with your Facebook Ads.


Video Training: Behind The Scenes of Our Author Business

I’m going to go through, step-by-step, the exact process Lori and I have followed to build her author business, and earn six-figures per year from her 5 books.

Here are just some of the topics we’ll be covering:

  • The numbers; how much we earn each month from Lori’s books
  • How we automate the collection of reviews and ratings
  • The email autoresponder sequence we have in place to nurture new readers
  • Why most authors spend way too much time marketing and destroy their results (and how you can avoid doing the same - 60 minutes per day)
  • The pricing strategy we use to maximize royalties
  • How we ramp up readthrough from Book 1 to Book 2, Book 2 to Book 3, etc.
  • The tool-stack we use to run Lori’s author business
  • And so much more besides

This is a 45-minute video training, where I hold nothing back. I'm very open, honest and transparent about how we run our business and why we've built it the way we have.


The Facebook Ads Toolkit For Authors

From the outside, there are a lot of moving parts with Facebook Ads, and it can certainly cause a lot of overwhelm; I know it did for me.

Which is why I created the Facebook Ads Toolkit For Authors.

It allows me to keep tabs on exactly what is and isn’t working with my Facebook Ads, so that I can make more informed decisions that impact the bottom line of our author business.

Here’s what you’ll find inside The Facebook Ads Toolkit For Authors:


The Facebook Ads Image Idea Bank

Struggling with ideas for your Facebook Ads images? In this bonus, I share over 40 tried and tested images I've created and used for our Facebook Ads.

So if you're looking for some inspiration, or need some help getting those creative juices flowing, this will help, without a doubt.

Interested? How About A Sample Lesson?

The traditional way of running Facebook Ads is to use something known as Detailed Targeting.

I don't use it - and that's one of the biggest reasons my Facebook Ads work so well. I'm working with the Facebook Ads algorithm, not against it.

In this lesson, I'll share why Detailed Targeting is such a bad investment for you as an advertiser, and why I no longer use it. 


Will This Work For Your Genre?

You may be thinking,“all this sounds great, but will it work for me and the genre I write in?” 

So, here’s a rundown of which genres have seen success with this course:


























“Since I started using your Facebook system I am on my third record-breaking month in a row and I am on track to break $10,000 for the first time by the end of this month!”

- Nina J

Here's What Other Authors Have to Say: 

Don't just take my word for it...


"Transformed my business"

Adrian Cousins, Time Travel Author (The Jason Apsley Series)


Who Is This Course For?

Not everyone is going to be a good fit for Jumpstart Facebook Ads For Authors

You're A Good Fit For This Course If:

  • You want to pursue a full-time, even part-time career as an author
  • You're committed to learning and developing your knowledge and skillset
  • You know this course is a tool, and you’ll need to learn and apply it
  • You have the resources to spend at least $20 per day on Facebook Ads
  • You understand that Facebook Ads are not a magic bullet
  • You’re willing to ask for help when you need it in the Facebook Group

You're Not A Good Fit For This Course If:

  • You’re traditionally published or write non-fiction books
  • You’re already earning 7 figures from your books annually
  • You’re looking for quick fix solution to your books not selling
  • You think Facebook Ads are a magic bullet
  • You’re not willing to do the unsexy work that’s required to build a thriving author business

Melissa Storm

Novel Publicity CEO & New York Times Bestselling Author

"Whether you're just starting out or are hoping to refresh your knowledge and pick up some new tips, you simply can't beat the content (or the cost!) of this course."

Jumpstart Facebook Ads Will Be Kept Up To Date

As a member of Jumpstart Facebook Ads For Authors, you’ll receive lifetime access to the course with one single payment (there's a payment plan available too, if that makes things easier).

Facebook Ads as a platform changes, a lot, and pretty regularly too.

And there’s zero value in a course 1-2 years out of date.

So, I plan on continuously keeping this course as up-to-date as possible, based on my learnings and experiences, and the changes that Facebook Ads as a platform introduces.

And all these updates are included free of charge.

The course was last updated in: DECEMBER 2023


"Doubling my income"

J.D.L. Rosell, Epic Fantasy Author (Legend of Tal)


"Tripled the number of sales"

Tracy Secombe, Self-Help Author (From People Pleaser To Soul Pleaser)


"I've already seen results, only two weeks in..."

- Holly Mortimer

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"Matt's course is beyond fantastic"

Dharma Kelleher, Crime Thriller Author (Jinx Ballou Bounty Hunter Series)


"In the six weeks after taking this course, I have seen my royalties jump 350%, with a 400% increase in net profits.."

- Rock Whitehouse

Who's Behind Jumpstart Facebook Ads For Authors?

Hi, I’m Matt Holmes. I help self-published fiction authors build a simple, lean and profitable author business.

I believe that we are all here not to just work, but to enjoy life, to spend time with our friends and family, and to impact others.

So, rather than asking “how I can make as much money as possible as an author”, I prefer to ask the question “what kind of life do I want to live and what sort of impact do I want to have?”

The money you earn from your books can help you achieve those things.

Look, I'll be brutally honest with you, my wife, Lori, an author of fantasy novels, and I aren’t millionaires, BUT, we have built a healthy six-figure author business with her 4 books.

Lori could have written oodles of books, but that’s just not the way she works.

We shouldn’t feel “forced” to build our businesses in a certain way.

Here’s how I like to look at building a business:

Keep it simple, keep it lean, keep it you.

We’ve kept Lori’s business simple and lean for a reason.

It allows us to spend time as a family every single day, my wife to fulfil her dream of becoming a full-time author and living in the British countryside.

A big part of our “success” (which is subjective), has been Facebook Ads. And, given the possibilities it offers, I would love to help YOU achieve your dreams, goals, and aspirations as an author by using Facebook Ads to position your books in front of your ideal readers.

It feels like I’m boasting, which I’m not… but, I am willing to take that hit to ease your worries about investing in this course.

I just want to show you what’s possible when you put your mind to something, follow your dreams, and really commit.


Frequently Asked Questions

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