For self-published authors looking for a proven Facebook Ads blueprint:

How I used Facebook Ads to take my wife’s books from $133 per month to $17,000+ per month in royalties (in 90 minutes per week)

Finally, experience profitable, scalable Facebook Ads that attract your ideal readers and build a thriving career as an author (even if marketing and advertising isn’t your thing)

Dear Author,

If you’re looking for a solution to pull 100’s, if not 1,000’s of potential readers to your books, day in, day out, then you’re in the right place.

Facebook Ads are one of the most exciting opportunities available to authors.

But, as you may have experienced yourself, there is a huge amount of conflicting information out there as to which is the right Facebook Ads strategy.

Combine that with Facebook Groups and other forums or communities flooding with differing opinions, it’s no wonder you’re stuck in paralysis by analysis.

Not knowing where to turn, or which piece(s) of advice to follow.

If you’ve run Facebook Ads before and have been disappointed by the results, or taken multiple classes, courses, or even coaching and still nothing is working for you, you might be hard-pressed to be persuaded to invest in yet another course on Facebook Ads.

But if you want to start seeing tangible progress and traction with your Facebook Ads, then the next 5 minutes will be an important read.

Because, for a limited time, I’m inviting self-published authors to take advantage of the system I’ve used to scale my wife’s novels to $15,000 per month in royalties, and six figures in overall revenue from her 5 (yes, just 5) books.

Before I do, let me give you a quick run-through of how we went from earning just $133 in our first month of self-publishing, to building a freedom-first, six-figure author business… and how you might too.

Melissa Storm

Novel Publicity CEO & New York Times Bestselling Author

"Whether you're just starting out or are hoping to refresh your knowledge and pick up some new tips, you simply can't beat the content (or the cost!) of this course."


Our Journey To Six-Figures

In April 2020, after my video production agency crashed and burned due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and with our twin boys due to be born in June, I had the time (and the pressure) to really focus on advertising my wife’s books.

And Facebook Ads was my platform of choice.

But it was tough-going.

And although things are going great now, it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows from Day 1 with our Facebook Ads; far from it.

I struggled with them. A lot.

  • All the Facebook Ads lingo
  • The Campaign Structure
  • The Targeting options
  • Creating scroll-stopping images
  • Writing engaging Ad Copy
  • The list goes on

I cringe when I look at back at the first Facebook Ads I ran for Lori’s books. Here’s one of them:

At the same time, I smile, because I can see how far I’ve come when I look at the Ads I’m running today; here’s an example:

I’ve spent a lot of money on Facebook Ads ($150,000+), but we’ve earned back more than twice what we’ve spent on them.

Sure, there was wasted Ad Spend in there, but I can, with full confidence share with you, that Facebook Ads are THE reason why my wife is a full-time author today.


Of course, writing great books that readers become engrossed in, share with their friends and family, and all the other aspects that go along with being a self-published author have played a big role.

Though in terms of generating traffic and getting eyeballs on the books, Facebook Ads has been our biggest leverage point.

Facebook Ads can help YOU:

  • Drive more book sales
  • Generate more Page Reads
  • Build your audience of raving-fans

I’ve done it my wife’s books, I’ve helped 1000’s of other self-published authors do it with their books, and now I want to help YOU do the same.


“Since I started using your Facebook system I am on my third record-breaking month in a row and I am on track to break $10,000 for the first time by the end of this month!”

- Nina J

Who is this guy who (quite frankly) seems a little obsessed with Facebook Ads?

Hey, I'm Matt,

My name's Matt Holmes and inside Jumpstart Facebook Ads For Authors, I’m going to reveal how I use Facebook Ads to drive thousands of book sales, millions of Page Reads and five figures in Royalties every single month.

The system I'm going to share with you is both highly scalable AND takes just 60-90 minutes per week to manage.

Look, I'll be brutally honest with you, my wife and I aren’t millionaires, BUT, we have built a healthy six-figure author business with 4 books.

And it’s allowed us to spend time as a family every single day, my wife to fulfill her dream of becoming a full-time author and living in our dream house in the British countryside.

A big part of our “success” (which is subjective), has been Facebook Ads. And, given the possibilities it offers, I would love to help YOU achieve your dreams, goals, and aspirations as an author by using Facebook Ads to position your books in front of your ideal readers.

It feels like I’m boasting, which I’m not… but, I am willing to take that hit to ease your worries about investing in a product of mine.

I just want to show you what’s possible when you put your mind to something, follow your dreams, and really commit.

If you want to succeed as a self-published author in 2023 and beyond, you need this asset

Focus. This is the core ingredient you need to see success from Facebook Ads.

Commit to Facebook Ads for at least 90 days, with zero distractions.

If you do this, I know you’ll be so far ahead of where you would have been had you consistently switched tactics, jumped from shiny object to shiny object, and followed the latest fads you saw in a Facebook Group, that will, most likely, be here today, gone tomorrow.

Of course, you still need to write, do all the other things involved in running your author business, and live your life, but from a traffic generation perspective, focus on Facebook Ads for at least 90 days and you WILL see results.

Many authors are worried about missing out on some new platform or strategy that is all the rage right now, and spread their time, energy, focus and budget, so thin, that they make little to no progress in any aspect of their marketing, rather than immense progress in one area.

Even with the six-figures per year we’re earning from Lori’s books, we rely on just 2 traffic sources, Facebook Ads (90% of traffic) and Amazon Ads (10% of traffic). That is it.

And Lori’s books aren’t written to market, we publish 1 book per year, she rarely posts on social media, and only has a small (but highly engaged) email list. This goes against all self-publishing advice, but it works for us, and it can work for you, too.


Anyone can run Facebook Ads… but only a few can build an author business

Becoming a full-time authors requires more than just writing books:

  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Audience Building
  • Newsletters
  • Accounts and Taxes
  • The list goes on…

And setting up a Facebook Ads Campaign is relatively straightforward. Within 5-10 minutes you could have a Facebook Ad up and running; it really doesn’t take long.

But without all the other pieces in place, your Facebook Ads are going to fall flat on their face.

Facebook Ads is just an amplification tool. That’s all it is.

A way to position your books in front of your ideal readers.

No matter how great your Ads are though, your books need to sell your books.

And this is achieved by, first off, writing a great book, but that goes without saying.

You also need to write an enticing blurb (book description), have a professional on-genre book cover, a manuscript that is well formatted, and free of spelling and grammar errors, as well as, raving reviews and ratings from readers.

Without these, no matter how great your Facebook Ads are, your books won’t sell.

And then there’s all the other tasks involved in running an author business. There’s a lot to do and keep on top of, no doubt about it.

But, if you can know with certainty that your Facebook Ads are running like clockwork, bringing new readers into your world every single day, that’s one less piece of the pie to worry about.

Facebook Ads are far from a set-it-and-forget-it solution, but if you can find just 1-2 hours per week, that’s all you need to optimize and scale your Facebook Ads.


"I've already seen results, only two weeks in..."

- Holly Mortimer

Most authors think Facebook Ads “don’t work”… but they just don’t have the right system in place

In the early days of running Facebook Ads for my wife’s books, I didn’t have a system, and it showed. After a few months, yes, we were profitable, but I just couldn’t scale past a certain point.

And, in full transparency, I was winging it.

I was in the Facebook Ads dashboard every single day, sometimes for 4-6 hours at a time, just messing around, really, but in the process, cannibalising our results.

My thinking at the time was very much like the exchanging time for money scenario that the employment system is built on (i.e. more hours equals more money); the more I do, the better my results.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

You need a system to follow. A repeatable process that you run through week in, week out.

After several months of complete and utter burnout, I finally built a system that was working for us, and our royalties more than doubled when I implemented it.

And it was as a result of doing less, not more.

Or, to put it another way, I was doing less, but doing it better.

Unfortunately, many authors “fail” with Facebook Ads because they don’t have a simple, replicable system they can follow. They are just like I once was… winging it.

In reality, there is just one area of Facebook Ads to focus on:

Your Ad Creative (i.e the Ads people see on their Facebook Feed).

Nail this, and readers will start to take notice (as will the Amazon algorithm when your books start selling like hot cakes).

It was only since I’ve had a system in place for our Facebook Ads that we are now able to consistently have five-figure months in royalties from Lori’s books.

I’m going to let you know right up front, that the system I share with you inside Jumpstart Facebook Ads For Authors is going to challenge your way of thinking, especially if you’ve been running Facebook Ads for some time.


Ad Creative is THE cornerstone of successful Facebook Ads (and it’s not as hard as you think)

So many authors focus on the targeting for their Facebook Ads, and then wonder why their Ads don’t work.

The targeting has nothing to do with the success of your Facebook Ads.

It’s your Ad Creative itself that is the fundamental building block that will turn your Facebook Ads from burning a hole in your pocket, to becoming the most profitable traffic generation tool in your arsenal.

And creating Facebook Ads that do this, yes, takes time, but it’s the ONLY way you will see success.

So, stop fretting about which audience you need to target next, and instead, focus on improving your skills creating better Ads.


Your persistence with Facebook Ads will pay off… if you do it right

I recently read that the average social media user scrolls the height of The Eiffel Tower every single day. That’s a lot of scrolling!

Knowing this should force you to focus on creating better Ads and stopping the scroll. That’s how you win. That’s the only way to win.

Attention is the new currency online.

But to attract that attention, you need to hone your skills at creating Ads that stop readers in their tracks and entice them to take action.

This takes time, but if you commit, and work on your craft as an advertiser (as that’s one of the hats you need to wear as a self-published author), you will reap the rewards, I promise you that.

But it’s all well and good showing you our wins.

The real question is, will this work for you and your books?


Here’s are just a few of the self-published authors using the system I share in Jumpstart Facebook Ads For Authors



Jumpstart Facebook Ads For Authors

This isn’t a writing course. Instead, it’s a course for self-published authors who want to turn their writing into a full-time career, using Facebook Ads as the key traffic generator.

It’s a full high-quality, actionable, zero fluff video course, giving you the exact strategy and tools I use day in, day out, that you need to succeed in 2023 and beyond.

Here’s what you’ll get as soon as you enrol in Jumpstart Facebook Ads For Authors:



Before we launch any Facebook Ads, we first need to set you up for success with a solid foundation and understanding of this powerful advertising platform.

Without a solid foundation, no matter how much you spend on Facebook Ads, your books are just not going to sell.

By the end of the course you will feel confident in your ability to build a rock-solid foundation that improves the performance of your Facebook Ads and drives more sales and Page Reads.



This is where the rubber meets the road as I spill the beans on my unique Facebook Ads strategy.

To avoid you the pain of seeing your hard earned money disappear down the drain, I'll walk you through the EXACT account structure I use and how to do it in a way that ensures maximum efficiency and results.

Watch over my shoulder (and follow along), as I build everything out in front of you, step-by-step.

The targeting, the placements, the Ads, all the little hidden features that can destroy your results; I’ll show you everything I know.

I’ll also share my best practices and examples of scroll-stopping Facebook Ads creative that are sure to stop people in their tracks and get them to consider buying or borrowing your book on Amazon, as well as how to test your Facebook Ads and track the results.

By the end of the course, you will know exactly how my Facebook Ads Blueprint works, the ins and outs of it, and how to manage your Ads in just 60-90 minutes per week.



Discover and follow along with my Facebook Ads optimization system, as we identify winning Ads, trim wasted Ad Spend and scale up your results.

Optimization and scaling are some of the most talked about topics in the Author community, and they are often overcomplicated.

For me, simple wins every time, because simplicity scales.

And that’s what I teach; how to get incredible results with your Facebook Ads, without losing your hair (or your wallet) in the process.

By the end of the course, you will understand exactly how to identify your winning Facebook Ads, optimize your account, trim wasted Ad Spend, test new ideas and scale up the winners.


Your Bonuses

YOUR BONUS: The Facebook Ads Toolkit For Authors

This is something I've never shared before, BUT, it's yours when you enroll in Jumpstart Facebook Ads For Authors.


I built The Facebook Ads Toolkit For Authors in Notion (a 100% free tool) from scratch and use it to keep on top of everything related to our Facebook Ads, including:

  • Ultimate Author Trackers (Weekly and Monthly) - Tracking of your entire Author business
  • Tracking of your individual Facebook Ads (along with conversion rate and cost per sale metrics)
  • Ad Comparison Tool, to measure the effectiveness of all your advertising efforts (Facebook Ads, Amazon Ads, BookBub Ads, etc.) and identify where you should be spending your money and where you should be cutting back
  • A Daily ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) Tracker for your Facebook Ads and overall author business (this tool alone will help you scale your Facebook Ads)
  • Facebook Ads Inspiration Lab to collect ideas for your Facebook Ads
  • And a place to write and create your own Facebook Ads that will act as a library for future reference when you identify your winning Ads

The Facebook Ads Toolkit has been an absolute game-changer for me, primarily because instead of having multiple different Google Docs and Google Sheets dotted all over the place with my ideas and tracking details, everything is one place.

And I know it will change the game for you too, which is why I want to provide you complimentary access to it inside Jumpstart Facebook Ads For Authors.


Who is this course for?

Before I waste any more of your time, let’s see if you should continue reading and whether Jumpstart Facebook Ads For Authors is something that can help YOU.

If you do not relate with at least one of the below, feel free to leave the page:

  • Authors with 1 book published (or are about to publish their first book), have an initial goal of building their readership and learning how to drive sales from Facebook Ads (profit will be difficult with 1 book)
  • Authors who have published 2 or more books, are looking to increase profit, but don't yet have a Facebook Ads strategy in place or a roadmap to follow
  • Authors who have been "burned" by Facebook Ads before, but are ready to start seeing profitable results from them and want a strategy they can implement immediately
  • Authors who have at least $20 per day to spend on Facebook Ads (yes, you can get results with this budget)
  • Authors who are able to spend $50 - $100 or more per day on Facebook Ads (although, you don’t need to start this high in the beginning)

If any of these resonate with you, Jumpstart Facebook Ads For Authors can help.

Ultimately, if marketing is never done, your books will never sell.


Your Invitation

One-on-one Facebook Ads coaching can be VERY expensive; often into the $1,000’s.

But I know these prices are out of reach for most authors. We wouldn’t have been comfortable paying $1,000’s for a course, or package of coaching calls when we were in the early days of getting Lori’s books off the ground.

So I’d like to offer you something special…

I’m confident Jumpstart Facebook Ads For Authors will dramatically improve the results of your Facebook Ads, whether you’re brand new, or already well-seasoned with them, and help you accelerate your author career.

And I’m going to give it to you for the lowest price I’ve seen online for a course like this.

I’m not going to charge thousands. It’s not even $200.

You can get everything we’ve discussed above, including the incredible bonuses, for just $150 total (there’s also a payment plan option if that makes things a little easier for you).

Jumpstart Facebook Ads


A Single Payment Today

The exact Facebook Ads Strategy I use on a daily basis

How to create scroll-stopping Facebook Ads

The process I use to identify winning Facebook Ads

How I optimize Facebook Ads for maximum efficiency

Learn how and when to profitably scale your Facebook Ads

All future updates at no additional cost to you

Lifetime Access

The Facebook Ads Toolkit For Authors (Notion Template)


Jumpstart Facebook Ads


Spread payments over 5 months

The exact Facebook Ads Strategy I use on a daily basis

How to create scroll-stopping Facebook Ads

The process I use to identify winning Facebook Ads

How I optimize Facebook Ads for maximum efficiency

Learn how and when to profitably scale your Facebook Ads

All future updates at no additional cost to you

Lifetime Access

The Facebook Ads Toolkit For Authors (Notion Template)


The buttons above will take you to a checkout page. After filling your details, you’ll receive immediate access to a private membership area containing the full video course.


I'm confident you will LOVE Jumpstart Facebook Ads For Authors. However, if you invest in the course and don't like it, simply let me know and I'll refund you within 14 days of purchase. Historically, my refund rate has been less than half a percent.

I want you to succeed and I know that if you take action and implement what I share with you and really put your heart and soul into this, you WILL succeed and see AMAZING results.


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