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Alyson Sheldrake

“I love receiving emails from Matthew. They are always full of sensible advice with realistic goals clearly laid out and actionable tips that actually make a difference.

Since implementing his suggestions, I have cleaned up my ads dashboard and seen an upturn in sales. Great stuff!”

Tommy Ueland

"After trying for years, following different courses, throwing spaghetti at the wall, I have finally found someone that truly knows Amazon ads, and even more importantly, knows how to explain them.

The first e-mail I read each morning is The Morning ACOS from Matt, the best way to start the day!"

Rachael Lucas

“The Morning ACOS is such a brilliant resource by Matt.

He’s the only person who has managed to make Amazon Ads make sense and every day there’s a little actionable piece of work which not only informs you but actually helps make a difference to the performance of your ads. I genuinely look forward to the emails arriving!"

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Maria Frankland

"Reading this daily bulletin has become part of my routine at the start of the working day.  Matthew cuts through the confusion and really helps to demystify the functionality of Amazon ads.

He is someone who genuinely wants to help authors and explains things in an accessible way.  If you're an author, and you need to advertise your books, and let's face it, who doesn't. I wholeheartedly recommend that you subscribe to this awesome daily guidance."

Scott Walker

"I love getting Matt’s daily emails on AMS because they keep me updated on what’s currently working.

Actionable tips, insightful updates, and helpful reminders of the fundamentals. Best of all, you can sign up for free!”

Eldon Farrell

"I've been in self-publishing long enough to have received help and advice emails from many different sources - and most of them are a bust. The Morning ACOS is different. There is so much helpful and actionable information in these emails that you won't be disappointed." 

Debra Chapoton

"I love The Morning ACOS with Matt. I've been making new ads based on his advice and adding MH to these ads' campaign names so I can easily spot how much his advice helps."

C.A. Rene

"The Morning ACOS is something I look forward to each morning. The information is vital and I’m soaking each one up!"

David Busch

"Love the short, consumer wall bites of information. Matt's knowledge is truly one of a kind and I appreciate his generosity in providing it."

Elsie Davis

"Followed Matt's advice and already seeing positive changes. I was flatlining month after month on profit versus ad spend...but not anymore! Next step, scaling up!"